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My Time Rewards

If you will search for My Time Rewards on Google and other search engines, the results that you will get are links to websites made specifically for customers who wants to complain about the company. Numerous negative feedback were posted about My Time Rewards for the past few years.

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The common ground of these complaints is the fact that the company takes money from their credit cards without their consent and knowledge. In this article we will take a quick look at what My Time Rewards is all about as well as the complaints it received.

Product Name: My Time Rewards
Owner: Unknown
Offer: Leisure Savings Programme
Price: Free for 30 Days


According to its website, My Time Rewards is a leisure savings programme which offers people help in saving money while doing the things they love to do. But we all know that’s not true based on the hundreds of people complaining that the company is ripping them off.

To become a member, you need to sign up and agree to the terms and agreements of the company. Once you become a member, you will be given access to discounts, exclusive offers as well as cash back savings on leisure activities, entertainment and travel of your choice. Sounds enticing right? Especially since the first 30 days of membership is free and they will only charge you a monthly fee after the free trial has ended.

The website claims that you can cancel your membership anytime if you’re not satisfied with it by calling My Time Rewards’ customer service. But there are plenty of complaints that cancelling the membership is not as easy as they claim it to be.


My Time Rewards


  •  Minimum 10 per cent cash back on leisure activities, travel and entertainment
  • Welcome rewards
  • 10 UK Pounds Monthly Member Reward when shopping online
  • Special offers, discounts and voucher codes
  • 2 for 1 or 25 per cent when booking to over 250 attractions and experiences nationwide

However, these benefits will vary per member and are subject to change without prior notice. You can claim the Welcome Reward three months from the date you joined My Time Rewards.



Here are some of the complaints and negative reviews by members of My Time Rewards:

  • Unauthorised Debit

 “I have just discovered to my horror that my wife as been sucked in by this also.

Once again, as I read, this was again a ‘cash back’ offer. How ironic. Seems like the only way the cash is moving is back to Web Loyalty/Shoppers Disc/MyTimeRewards or whatever else it is they call themselves this week.

 This is utterly disgusting backdoor sneeky behaviour. We think it was on that this came from. They have done a hell of a sales job on all the above named companies and are getting fat off people that really and genuinely need the cash back offers. Since no one knows they are subscribed, what kind of a shitty service are they offering?!!” – Dutchmeister

  •  Money Taken Without Consent

 “My Time Rewards is taking £10 per month from my bank account and I don’t know how they got the details as the money is actually coming out of my partners account and I don’t have a card for this. I have tried to email twice and tell them I want this stopping but get no reply. I am inclined to contact the police about fraudulent withdrawal of money from my bank.” – Peter Poole


My Time Rewards


  •  Unlawful Funds Taken from Bank Account

 “This company over the last 6 months have been taken 2 direct debits of £10.00 and £ 15.00 . Both companies seem to be affiliated to each other My Time Rewards & Complete save I want full refund of the monies withdrawn from my account without my consent.” – Sandyplops

  •  Unauthorized Payments

 “I checked an old bank account today and was surprised to see transactions to “My Time Rewards” that I did not recognize totaling £35/month ( £10, £10, £15) when I found a number online and called them it turns out it was from “The Trainline” in June 2016 offering rewards on future train journeys as long as I ticked boxes and was then asked to click on the next screen to claim your £10 discount. I tried this several times but the screen always froze with a message “this page is temporarily unavailable, please try later” At no time had I heard of My Time Rewards and certainly never agreed in any way to them taking money from my account. This is a complete con and needs to be stopped.” – John1971

  •  Unethical Behavior

 “I was shopping online with Simply Be clothing shop, as a first time buyer. I paid and everything was fine, a box appeared saying to get £15 off your next purchase, click here. I did so, and it said that we need your credit card details, which is the point I should have suspected something. However, I am not gullible and i suspect many other people would do the same. It was only after they had my card details did they say who they were – My time rewards. I knew nothing about them and certainly did not want to pay them £10 a month for whatever they offer. As soon as i realised, i phoned Barclaycard to stop this company taking my money, and they told me it would be better to cancel my card, which is what i did. I wrote to Simply Be, who host this company, but all they said was clear and i should have contact ed My time rewards to cancel. I did not trust them, so i did not want to do that. It is not direct fraud, but it is very close to it.” – Lucy Pine



My Time Rewards in no doubt a downright scam and you should stay as far away from it as possible. The company will simply rip you off by taking funds out of your bank account each and every month.  They also use your credit card without your consent and knowledge which is one of the most unethical thing a company can do to its customer or member.

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