Is My Flex Job a Scam?

Is My Flex Job a Scam? – Not Really Flexible

Product Name: My Flex Job

Product Website:

Price: $25

Rating: 20/100

Is My Flex Job a Scam?


Going through another product or so call making money online opportunity. I looking through a clean and simple website call My Flex Job. I thought it is another Fiverr type of selling some service online. Nope I’m wrong, it is more than that. Let jump right in to see are they really keen to help you to make some money.

What is it?

The website claim to offer you simple job assignment like data entry for companies in these country. United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

Competed job assingment get to paid between $5 to $50 depending on what you looking for.

How To Get Started

It very simple to sign up and get started. Just fill up a simple form.

1.Your Contact Information
2.Assets, Abilities and Experience
3. About You


  • Clean and neat website
  • Payout seem reasonable


  • No real example of what kind of job
  • Can’t try out for free
  • Install backup software ( Very Fishy)
  • $25 start up cost
  • Can’t collect payout through Paypal
  • Only pay through credit card or debit card
  • Video testimonials look suspicious

Everything seem fine at first , until there a start up cost of $25 that really turn me off. I don’t think so there a need to pay in order to start work. If you are going to start a new job and find out your employer ask you to pay in order to get the job. I don’t think you going to join this company.

As you can see under my Con list, there are so many red flags I started to find out. The very basic for jobs online to get paid is to through Paypal. It hassle free for both party but instead you need to give out your credit card info which I think it is not secure.


Very straight forward I do not recommend anyone to spend even $2.5 to try out this program. In my opinion, I feel My Flex Job is a scam. They are not offering the right deal for you, you are better off to join Fiverr, Hubpages or Swagbucks. These sites allow you to join for free without having you to pay a single cent. You can’t strike rich for joining these sites I mention but you will see some result if you put in some effort.

Always be alert and aware of such product or website like this trying to give you false hope. Instead of doing jobs online, the best way to me is to create a long term online business. Read My #1 Recommend Product. 

Internet Scams Report


Have you tried My Flex Job? Feel free to drop your comment below. Thanks

2 thoughts on “Is My Flex Job a Scam? – Not Really Flexible”

  1. My Flex Jobs is a very nasty multi-layered scam. If anyone has fallen for this, as I did yesterday, it is VERY important that they take immediate action to protect themselves and their computer from the software they paid $25 to download from My PC Backup. The computer geeks apparently know this is malware and that My PC Backup is a basically a platform for phishing – gathering information for credit card fraud – basically.

    Regarding My Flex Job itself – it purports that it you will be doing data entry, processing trial offer applications with a number of legitimate business. This is not the case. If you download the software and carry on to the job pool what you find is they want YOU to enter YOUR OWN info for a load of free trial offers.That is how you get the supposed credits. If anyone is stupid enough to do this, God know how much grief they will cause themselves trying to keep track of and cancel all these trial offers, before they get charged for them. In many cases it says right on the ‘offer’ that no credit will be granted if the trial is cancelled.

    If you Google ‘My PC Backup virus’ there are a number of reports by computer geeks about this program. If you have downloaded this take steps at once.

    FIRST: Cancel the credit card you used to purchase the software from My PC Backup. Between the info you give to My Flex Jobs in the application and to My PC Backup in the purchase these two fraudulent and untrustworthy companies have a lot of critical info about you. Your address, your home phone number, your email address, your date of birth, your middle name – AND your credit card details.
    Forget about the refund – cancel the card at once and report the company as fraudulent to your card provider.

    You need to get the My PC Backup malware program off your computer – as soon as you can. Some geeks have a report on the net about how they deliberately downloaded it and studied the progress. It was loading the test computer with all sorts of malware, spyware and adware. The longer it is left the worse it will get.
    I would suggest Googling ‘My PC Backup Virus’ and clicking on the link that comes up for
    Follow the instructions on that site. First uninstall the My PC Backup program. But be aware that is NOT enough. It is NOT a legitimate program and it will NOT uninstall cleanly.
    I uninstalled it within an hour of downloading it. I ran a scan with my normally pretty good anitvirus software – Avast – it failed to detect anything adverse left over.
    I went to the next step on the malwaretips site. I downloaded the (free download) Adware Remove program and ran it. It detected 6 or 7 items on my registry and attached to my browser.
    I then used the next step and downloaded the JRT Junkware removal. That detected 2 or 3 more things.
    THREE programs run on it and there were still ‘fishy’ items installed on my computer by the end of the third one.
    I next downloaded the Malwarebytes software and ran a scan with that – that came up clean.
    I have not used the 4th scan the guy on the site recommends but think I will download it and use it. This is clearly a very persistent and insidious malware program.

    Note that there are numerous reports on the net about My PC Backup engaging in all sorts of nefarious practices. Threatening to delete people’s files, making extra charges to cards without permission. And no doubt this malware program is designed to try to detect passwords etc through the browser.

    Please, if you have signed on to this, at ANY time, take steps to protect yourself. The sad thing is that a lot of people think ‘Oh well, I got scammed for the $25, but a back up program is useless anyhow.’ A good one, a legitimate one, possibly, My PC Backup is the opposite of this.

    1. Hi Alison, that is a great details of the product. This will help more people open up their eyes and beware what this program really up to. Really appreciate you willing to share so much of your experience. Thanks

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