What Is It?

If you are an advertiser, you can post paid ads online. For those who want to make money with Advertising Pays, all you have to do is click on the ads on the site for a small earning. If you want more, then you can start recruiting people.

As an advertiser, I believe this product is a useless; not even a good source of traffic. Anyone who wants to take their business seriously should not consider paying traffic from this page.

For those who want to make money, there are a few red flags that you must take into account.


Product Breakdown

Traffic exchanges do not work anymore. People who have used them say that leads do not convert so it clearly becomes a waste of money.

There will always be people who would claim that this product works, but where are the proofs? None.


Why Is it Not Working?

People would simply click on your ads. They are not going to buy your products or service. Imagine paying 5 cents per person to look at your page, do you make money from them? No. How many people are you going to pay to do this, hoping that one would get confused and end up buying something in your store.

How about paying an ad that runs on a review site? The possibility of people becoming interested in your product is higher.

That is the main difference between targeted advertising and traffic exchange. Why would you spend money for someone who is not interested buying in the first place?


The Product Is Not Good

The concept is as an affiliate, to be paid, you need to have people spend money on ads on a page. But, you can entice affiliates and earn more by getting a package that will cost you around $50. You will also be required to click at least 10 ads daily on their site.

You will be the one to look in the window to get paid. Will you buy anything from the ads? Perhaps not.

My Advertising Pays is also linked to Simon Stepsys. He was likewise involved associated with Banners broker. They do business similar to MAP where you need to bring in advertisers to the ad exchange. Banners Broken was closed in 2014 and there are several people protesting to be given a refund.

This person was involved in scamming through Empower Network. Association with this person is enough for me not to advise you to get My Advertising Pays.


Red Flags from The Site’s Video

  • 600k in less than a year (approximately 9 months)
  • You will earn big amounts of money
  • Greatest thing you will ever do in your life
  • Get as many credits as you can
  • Buy and refer more to get more

Others are debating as to whether this is an MLM company or not. If you will check the comments of its users on butthurt, clearly, they all point out to one conclusion – this is an MLM company.



If you like clicking Ads, then this might work for you. If you are more interested in other things, then there are other ways to earn a decent amount of cash online. You can start as a blogger and earn through affiliate marketing.

Do not waste time and money on My Advertising Pays as there is no fast cash in an online business. Everything requires hard work and perseverance.

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