Is MobileXpression a Scam

Is MobileXpression a Scam


PRODUCT NAME: MobileXpression

OWNER NAME: ComScore, Inc.


RATING:  2/10


People will always have an eye for some work to earn money. However, there are opportunities to earn something of value like gift vouchers in exchange of simply downloading an application on your mobile phone such as the one offered by MobileXpression. Unlike other home based jobs that will earn you some money to do some tasks, MobileXpression allows you to earn cash in the form of gift vouchers that you can use in order to make purchases on certain products. While you may find this kind of opportunity to earn something of value, you must first consider is MobileXpression a scam? This is something that comes to my mind how this program works and whether there is a catch from such an offer.


MobileXpression Review


MobileXpression is a mobile application that you need to download on your phone. The application is designed to monitor the patterns and behavior of people who are using a mobile internet. All information gathered from your mobile device will be collected and monitored and will be used by marketing research companies. Among the data collected from your internet usage and activities include your web browsing activities, the kind of applications and files you download from the internet, messaging services, the usage of your cameras, utilities and video streaming and the usage time of your phone calls, messaging, and time spent for browsing the internet. In exchange of allowing the application to run in your mobile phone you will earn some gift vouchers and eligibility to different sweepstake draws. Is it worth using this app in your mobile phone? This MobileXpression review will help give you answers.


What Is MobileXpression


MobileXpression does not offer you a job in order to earn. It is an application that you need to download on your mobile phone in order to provide you an opportunity to earn Amazon gift vouchers valued at $5 after 1 week of using the app on your phone. UK users can earn £20 Amazon voucher after 2 weeks of using the app. The program also holds a “Your Opinion Matters” sweepstakes which you can be eligible for an entry to win from $100 to $100,000. There are conditions that you need to meet as a requirement to be eligible to join and use the app. You must have a device that will be compatible to the specifications required to make the app run smoothly. You must also be 18 years old.


There are terms and conditions that you need to agree before you can download the application. MobileXpress will require you to answer demographic questions. Because it is research software to be installed in your mobile device you need to agree and give consent that you are allowing the software to run behind the background and to gather information and monitor your web browsing activities.




Joining Mobile Xpression is free. This is a good opportunity to earn something of value like a cash voucher from Amazon without spending a dime. Downloading the app is also free. The app seems to work smoothly on mobile devices.




There are some downsides about using the Mobile Xpress application on your phone. Because the mobile application will continuously running in the background it will consume some data usage which will be a cost on the part of the user. This will also result to additional battery consumption on your mobile and will slow down your mobile browsing activities. There is also no guarantee that it will not pry on your privacy considering the app will continuously monitor your mobile internet activities.


Is MobileXpression a Scam


The most significant complaint about Mobile Xpression is the termination of user account anytime. In its terms and condition Mobile Xpression reserves the right to terminate an account for any reason at any time. Some users of the app complain that when they try to claim the voucher their account gets termination leaving them without any recourse to avail of what they earned. Mobile Xpression suffers negative feedbacks from many members and this is something alarming.


My Final Opinion of MobileXpression


MobileXpression is a research application that one needs to download in a mobile device. While it is free to use there is a risk of increasing your data consumption resulting to cost, draining of battery and privacy risks. While there is no proof that it is a scam, the fact that most feedbacks from its users claim that it often terminates the account of its members who are trying to claim their vouchers might indicate a warning sign to stay away from this program. Because your account might be at risk, it is probably safe to consider the question is MobileXpression a scam before downloading the application on your mobile phone.

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