Is Millionaires Brain Academy A Scam?

Product Name: Millionaires Brain Academy

Owners: Winter Valco

Price : $47 monthly or $97 one time payment

Website: (affiliate link)

Rating: 90/100



You are probably one of the millions of people who want to learn how to get rich. Working out your financial freedom is something that you need to plan for but you also need to know the right techniques in order to plot your road to success. Winter Valco is offering the public an opportunity to learn how to create a better mindset that will help you focus on how to think, act and behave like the wealthy millionaires and how to become one like them later.

Through his program called the Millionaires Brain Academy you will learn how to take control over your finances. But before you pay anything you are probably wondering is Millionaires Brain Academy a scam? Read the review about Millionaires Brain Academy below to help you get better insights about the program and decide whether it is worth trying.

Millionaires Brain Academy Review

Winter Valco created the Millionaires Brain Academy program which is an online course that will provide you a roadmap to having a mindset of a millionaire. Valco has long years of experience being an entrepreneur, a writer and a financial consultant. He uses his experience, skills, knowledge and wisdom on financial management in order to create a comprehensive course that provides assistance to people on how to learn having the millionaire’s mindset and perspectives.

The very meat of the course is teaching you how to become motivated, learning the processing of information you have and deciding how you react under the circumstances in order to make you rich. It basically teaches you how to see the opportunities and take actions accordingly on a consistent basis.

What the author aims is to help de-program a poorly functional brain and awaken the ones with the best drive and highly motivated in order to attract wealth. The course will provide learning information on how millionaires think and act in order to practice the effective ways of becoming a millionaire yourself.

Through the course you will awaken your inner money making abilities and to attract wealth through effective practices in managing your finances. As go through the course you will rewire your brain for massive wealth. The course applies the principle of brain plasticity which has scientific evidence on influencing how the brain will perform.

What comes with your purchase?

The complete Millionaires Brain Academy course will cost you $47 from its original price of $97. This comes with a series of 90-second videos that you have to watch twice a day. The movies or videos will help you uncover your mental ability of becoming rich by learning the proper emotion and thoughts to observe to magnet wealth. There are also unique tools that you can access with your subscription.

The first is the Brain Shaper Workbook which is designed for the beginner to help them reshape their brain to develop the mindset of a millionaire. The second tool is the Brain Optimizer Workbook that enhances the brain to work faster and more efficiently and make the right millionaire mindset work better. The third tool is the Brain Reboot Workbook that will eliminate the negative thoughts that prevent you from becoming successful and wealthy.

The Pros

The program comes with a manual that gives a walkthrough on how to go through the process of becoming wealthy. Another manual can help you enhance the process on multiplying the results by five times. The program is an online course that is considered sold at a reasonable price considering that it can cost you more to get more professional financial counseling by one-on-one session with a financial consultant or attending a seminar.

Moreover watching the videos daily will not take so much of your time since each video only runs for 90 seconds. It also comes with an audio tool that lets you listen to it even while on the go. The writing style of the author is very simple and practical but informative. There are also practical exercises that will help you learn to apply what you have learned.

The Cons

It is important to know that the course will not give you instant result. It usually takes effort to go through the process of rewiring your brain by watching the videos consistently and finish the course. Thus, time investment is also required to become successful.

One of the downsides of the program is that you can only access the tools and materials online. There is no offline version available which means you need to have an internet connection whenever you want to access the materials.


Is Millionaires Brain Academy a scam? Our answer is it is not. It is a legitimate online course that delivers materials and tools that can help you find a better way to success. The money you pay comes with useful and informative tools that are worthy your investment for a cheaper price to avail for.

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