Is Matched Betting a Scam?

Is Matched Betting a Scam? – It is Not About Gambling

Is Matched Betting a Scam?

As you can see there are really crazy and out of the box method when you looking ways to make money online. The problem lies on two sides of a coin, it is a scam or legit? Today we look into a unique way of making money online. Heard of Matched Betting? Is Matched Betting a scam?

What is Matched Betting?

Is Matched Betting a Scam?


There are many bookmaker’s sites that claim matched betting is not a scam. Matched Betting is not gambling. So how excatly money can be make? You will be taking advantage of offers that will make guaranteed profits by matching betting technique. It is well calculated which will not make any loss.

Minimum requirement you need to be above 18 years old.

Is it Risky?

This is a very difficult question to answer. Everything you do day and night there risk involved. Going to work taking public transport or drive your own car there also risk involved. You might risk being late to work till to public transport breakdown. Your car might engine failure when time to come.

But matched betting on the other hand claim is risk free. The only risk is due to human error where you completely new and do not pay attention on what you should do and don’t. Do as much research before you involve in matched betting.

How Matched Betting Works?

Matched betting works by placing 2 types of bets. A Lay bet and a Back bet.

You will placed a Bookmaker, such as Coral, and the other bet to be placed on a Betting Exchange, such as Betfair.
Let take a football match as an example: Manchester United vs Liverpool

You will place a bet for Manchester United to WIN the match with the Bookmaker (Coral),. This is known as a BACK bet, as you are backing Manchester United to win.

With the Betting Exchange (Betfair), As for LAy bet, you will place a bet for Manchester United not to win the match. As you are betting against Manchester United. Placing a LAY bet also covers you if a DRAW occurs, because this counts as Manchester United not winning.

As you can see in this example the BACK bet and the LAY bet cancel each other out, you will not lose any money whatever the result is.

If Manchester United wins, the money goes into our Bookmaker account
If Manchester United DON’T WIN, or DRAW, our money goes into the Betting Exchange Account.
You make a profit either way.

Who is it for?

It is straightforward that Matched Betting is not for gamblers. It is for people who like to try out this system with proper discipline who treat this as a form, making extra dollars and not try out as it is a trip Las Vegas Casino.


Is Matched Betting a scam? In my opinion, I don’t think it is a scam. As for how sure am I, I not in a position to say so as I haven’t laid my hand on it. I make my research online to keep you guys safe from online scams.

As I say I do not like gambling and will not recommend any scammy products to anyone. Below are #1 recommended Match Betting Profit Accumulator that most popular. Which you can sign up for a free trial without filling up your credit card information. But there is a catch, they only allow UK resident.

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