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Is Massive Internet Profits a Scam? – Too Expensive To Get Started

Massive Internet Profits


PRODUCT NAME: Massive Internet Profits



RATING:  1/10


There is always an opportunity to earn money from home. With the numerous programs offering you the chance to earn an income you just probably don’t want to miss the chance of signing up. You will be surprised how many websites are offering scam money making opportunities in various tricky ways and one of these is enticing others to earn massive profits just like the Massive Internet Profits website. This program will make you believe that you can potentially earn big profits with not much to work on. Before you get enticed you should first wonder is Massive Internet Profits a scam?


Massive Internet Profits Review


If you have been working hard for your job, what Massive Internet Profits will offer is something you might want to try in order to enjoy financial freedom that can make you quit your job. It markets its program by telling you there is an opportunity to earn commission and bonuses as much as $1250, $3,300 and $5,500. You need to sign up to gain access to the program at a cost of $97. It claims that by using the program you can actually earn massive income without much work needed. But what exactly is Massive Internet Profits and how does its system works?


What is Massive Internet Profits Jobs?


Massive Internet Profits is actually a sales funnel that leads you to a business platform called My Own Business Education or MOBE. When you become a member you will be provided training on how to generate continuous, residual income. It will lead you to a copy paste system where you can earn massive commissions. But what Massive Internet Profit offers are quite hyped.


Massive Internet Profits works like MLM. The MOBE platform actually works like MLM or multilevel marketing that provides different tools and trainings on internet marketing that can help internet businesses grow. While this is a legitimate way of earning an income the problem with MLM is you earn by recruiting people for the same online business opportunity. In order to earn more commission you are likely required to sign up for higher membership fee. In MOBE the cheapest one costs $2497 for the Silver Masterclass membership. You will be offered some upsells in order to ramp up your commissions and this can reach as high as $29997. While signing up for these will give you an opportunity to increase your commissions there is no guarantee of making a sale to cover up for the cost of the membership fees you paid. Some affiliates may be successful but there are many who end up spending more for training, tools and upsells than making a sale and earning commissions.


Massive Internet Profits


The amount that you can potentially earn as marketed on its marketing video is quite hyped. It promotes that you can earn big and quickly by simply copy pasting its proven strategies and without the need of an experience or skills on your part. It also promotes you can earn $1 per second as you watch its video but you need to follow exactly the steps it will teach you and this may involve the need to purchase all those expensive upsells from the program. The tasks you need to do involve promoting the affiliate sites and products and get people signing up in order to earn a commission. I would say this is an easy way for the affiliate owners to build their business at the expense of the members promoting their sites and signing up for their expensive membership and upsells.


The Massive Internet Profits also engages in deceptive marketing strategies such as publishing brands as endorsements on its site. This is an easy way to trick people in believing that it is a legitimate way of earning money and supported by big brands when in fact none of these brands actually promoted or endorsed the program. This is an old trick that scammers use in order to gain the trust of unsuspecting visitors on their site and to entice them to sign up.


My Final Opinion of Massive Internet Profits


Is Massive Internet Profits a scam? This will likely be your question after reading this Massive Internet Profits review. The answer would be most likely. Considering the hyped claims and offers it gives in its website there are warning signs that it might be a scam. I don’t recommend using Massive Internet Profits as a source for work from home income and earning the amount it claims you can earn is not as easy as it might sound. There are many other income opportunities available online that are more legit and will not cost you expensive upgrades or upsells in order to earn better.

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