Is a scam? You should try it.

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Owners: LinkedIn acquired from Lynda Susan Weinman

Price: Free Trial for 10 days; $25/month or $240/year


Rating: 95/100

Affiliate marketing, blogging and my online business are part of my daily work. I am still holding on to my day job and hopefully, I am able to do this full-time. I have set my targets for YR2016 and working on a couple of online marketing projects with my close buddy, Cena and to-date, we have done a couple of projects which we are still building such as this website, ISR.

Recently, I attended my company’s D&D and it was a blast. Everybody was enjoying themselves including me except for a stomach flu which I got earlier in the day. Everyone in the ballroom was happy, achieving their KPIs and target set for the year but for me, I felt that I am not totally satisfied with myself. The thing is I have achieve my KPIs and hopefully, if the company meets their profits targets, there will be carrots for everyone.

I have reflected and I know why I am not satisfied. Well, do Lynda Susan Weinman and Scott DeLong ring a bell? I was reflecting on their hard work and success when they create their own branding. For Scott DeLong, it was ViralNova and Lynda Susan Weinman, it was Both of them sold their brands to the big players and got what they earn for.

The thing that frustrate me is working for something that I don’t have the passion or interest. I have been in this line for awhile now but I am tied around my neck like a dog on a lease. So, being at the D&D and meeting my KPIs, I was satisfied with my work at the company but for  me and Cena, when  we initiated our online business, we have still a lot to work on and YR2015 is an interesting journey but we are not there yet.

For today’s review, I will walk you through, a tutorial website, which was created by Lynda Susan Weinman and later acquired by LinkedIn. It was hard work that got her where she wants to be.

So let’s get on with this review.

What is is a training website and for users looking for online courses. The courses ranges from writing skills to internet marketing to photography, etc. However, the website is a subscription based and users need to subscribe at a monthly fee use their services. There is a 10 days trial for users to browse through the online courses. has some similarities to one of the top ranked training site like Udemy but in, you will just need to pay the monthly subscription and you can access to all the courses within the website. For Udemy, the subscription free but as a member, users need to pay for some of the courses at a range of $15 to $200 depends on the individual instructor.

If you want to download video tutorials or project files, you will need to opt for another subscription at a fee of $35/month or $360/year. This subscription is optional but but you can opt for it if you are a busy on the road kind of person.

Should you follow

Of course, you should. To pay $25/month for the subscription is worth it as there are many courses for you to choose from. The courses are well organized and video tutorials are professionally done. Moreover, the courses are segmented to short segments so that you can understand and learn and apply.

The idea of segmenting a long course is for users to learn quickly and move on to the next segment. It is a good idea and from my observation in most of the training sites, this strategy is often used so that users don’t get confused.

The thing I liked about is the subscription options. Let’s say you want to attend a specific course and thereafter, end the subscription, you can do that. However, there are a lot of course you can choose from and I don’t think you may want to end the subscription in a month or two. You can also choose to be a regular subscriber or a premium one, so you can choose.

If you choose a site like, you want to make your money worth. You need a good professional instructor to teach you not an average Joe. In, the instructor appear to be knowledgeable and professional but somewhat informal and that is good. As long as you can understand and apply effectively, it is a good plus and will benefit you.

Lets take a look at the Pros and Cons below.


  • Well organized website
  •  Step by step training
  • Various types of courses
  • Learn from any devices


  • Too many choices
  • Not much interacting among the course students
  • Need to subscript at a monthly fee


Is a scam?

No, it is 100% legit. I must say that I don’t like the subscription fee structure but overall, it is a good training website and provides healthy online courses to a lot of users throughout the world.

You can choose your course and stop the subscription whenever you want and it is quite reasonable for me. I am sure will benefit you as a user and I will recommend you to subscribe as there are many courses you can choose from. If you are hesitant, you may goggle some reviews in the internet and I am sure most of the reviews will be a positive one.

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5 thoughts on “Is a scam? You should try it.”

  1. They are DEFINATELY a scam to me, here’s what happened:

    I tried a ‘free’ trial, but why do you have to put in your creditcard information if the trial is free? I found that kind of iffy during the registration process. Well, because it ISN’T! That is: If YOU don’t cancel your account after thirty days YOURSELF, they just start billing your creditcard quietly. I found out after 5 months, which cost me $100,-.

  2. 100% scam, even if u cancel ur account they still take your money. this just shows how linkdin is also a scam. scammers always support eachother.


  4. Fuck off. Lynda is a total scam. They don’t let you cancel your account and stop providing invoices after you cancel in the hopes that you won’t notice the dirty shits are still taking money from your account.

    They did this to me for over a year. They are dishonest parasites and should be ashamed of themselves. No wonder their content is such trash – they don’t actually rely on selling their product as much as they rely on ripping off relatively well off people.

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