Is Linked Influence a scam?

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LinkedIn is a popular platform that is widely popular in the business sector in promoting personal profiles and businesses to thousands of people every day. It has more than 18,000 business professionals as members and it provides a good leverage in promoting your business. Linked Influence is a program that offers an opportunity to those who want to take advantage of using the LinkedIn platform in promoting their business and many are probably wondering and asking is Linked Influence a scam? Considering the too many scam offers on the web today, it is worth checking out this program to help us determine whether this is another scam or a legit scheme that is being offered to the public.

Is Linked Influence a scam? – What the program has to offer

Linked Influence is created by Trevor Turnbull who is known to have a good reputation in using LinkedIn in promoting business. He conceptualized the program that consists of modules to train aspiring businessmen who want to use LinkedIn as leverage in growing their business. If you are not too familiar about LinkedIn it is a social media platform that is more designed to connect professionals. The aim of the Linked Influence is to help professionals use LinkedIn in driving traffic to their business, obtain more leads and successfully make a sale. The program is being sold at $97 that consists of four modules that professionals need to complete to help them enhance their business opportunities when using LinkedIn.

The question is, are these modules worth the fee to pay for the training program? To understand the value of your investment for the training program, it is worth analyzing what can these modules offer you? The module one is the beginners pack consisting of video training sources that will lay down the foundation of your learning in using LinkedIn. This includes learning how to optimize keyword ranking, creating your profile link to the public, integrating social media to your campaign, adding specialties, writing captivating summary about what you can offer to your potential clients, linking your website to your LinkedIn profile, the best writing approach when sharing your work experience and other recommendations that can help you begin using LinkedIn with professional value.


The second module consists of strategies on how to grow your network. You will be trained how to build your connections, growing your email list with groups, automation in groups, how to grow your LinkedIn group, building your database and finding the ideal and appropriate group that you should belong based on your business category. The module 3 takes you to the next level of learning the strategies of connecting to the right investors, getting a job using your LinkedIn profile, advancing and adding value to your applications. The module 4 has two videos that teach you how to create a company page while improving your LinkedIn influence.

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Pros and Cons about Linked Influence

Linked influence appears to be a very useful training program, but I find it more appropriate to be of use to professionals with experience about using the LinkedIn platform. It is not ideal for a beginner who is not too familiar about using LinkedIn. The training process is ideal for an advanced learner, not for beginners whose main focus should be on understanding how the online business works and then move on to the next step of using social media as leverage in advancing their online marketing strategies. Considering the price of the training pack, it is a bit expensive for me since there are countless resources available that you can Google and learn for free with similar approaches in using LinkedIn for business marketing, personal or business wise. However, if you want your learning to be organized the Linked Influence will be very useful in organizing your learning. Moreover, the Linked Influence creator Trevor Turnbull manages to have a good reputation in his field of expertise. He can help answer some of your queries about using the social media platform in promoting your business.  He published some books relating to using social media platforms in business promotion.


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If you ask is Linked Influence a scam? I am convinced that this is a legit program that you can subscribe for. If you need serious management about learning the process of using LinkedIn in promoting your business, the Linked influence training module will be a good help in guiding you through with your learning. The reputation of its creator is also a good reason to consider the program as legit because of his track record within his field of expertise. But a word of advice, the training module is not suitable to a beginner who does not know the basics about creating a site and promoting their business using the social media platform.

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