Is Light In The Box A Scam? – Let take a look the insight

PRODUCT NAME: Light in the Box

OWNER NAME: unknown


RATING:  6/10

If you like shopping online and would like to find the best deal and discounted items to purchase, you may probably hear about Light in the Box. It is a global online retailer that is getting different kinds of feedbacks based on customer experience. Considering the mixed positive and negative Light in the Box reviews, we have provided our own insights to know whether or not Is Light in the Box a scam?

What is Light in the Box

Light in the Box is a China based online retailer that sells products online and delivers them across the globe. It was founded on 2007 and usually sells a wide selection of fashion and lifestyle products. They mainly categorize their products into apparel, gadgets, home and garden products and accessories. The site offers customizable products like wedding and evening dress. It has different branches statewide but most of the bulks of the business are located in China. Apparently, the site is legitimate because it does have authentic products to sell out, but there are a lot of controversies involving the site that now arise. The Light in the Box offers difficult to find items and offers significant discounts especially when buying large quantities of goods.

Legitimacy insights

There are different points of views that are published about Light in the Box.  Considering how the business is done, the online retailer site does provide a legitimate business to the public and does not appear to be just a front for stolen goods or phishing scams. Some feedbacks support its legitimacy while others appear to drop the hint that it could be a scam. There appears to be legitimate services that are available when you are using the site which indicate that it runs a legitimate business. It uses the Google Checkout application which is hosted by Google. Google Checkout is already a trusted payment application by many consumers and the system is fast and secured. However, the Google Checkout service may not be available for all items sold in Light in the Box.

If you are not fond of paying out online with your credit card, the Light in the Box also accepts payment via Western Union. Payment by wire transfer appears to be a safe payment processing option as well. Items may also be paid through Paypal which is a payment processing system online with a trusted name in its industry. It offers a secure way of sending funds across the globe which prevents the risk of phishing. Light in the Box also went through a rigorous process to be listed the New York Stock Exchange so there is some hint of legitimacy on its business. Considering the stringent requirements of the New York Stock Exchange, such as requiring the submissio of sales records to prove the income that a company actually earns, Light in the Box may be forced to conduct its business legitimately.

However, the mere fact that it is listed in the New York Stock Exchange does not completely absolve Light in the Box from being possibly a scam. There are large and many international companies that are listed to it that it can no longer detect or possibly audit more thoroughly. Thus, there is still the possibility that some companies may engage in fraudulent business transactions undetected.

Negative feedbacks

Most of the negative feedbacks about Light in the Box involve its products and services. Some complain that they receive a very poor and slow response from its customer service and their complaints are dealt with unprofessionally. They have inefficient chat system that is unhelpful in resolving purchase issues and customer queries. The shipping service is also reported to be inefficient and slow contrary as advertised. The products are rated with poor quality and not completely as described on the site with a poor after sales technical support.

Positive feedbacks

Customer feedbacks give Light in the Box a good rating and claim to be satisfied with the items they purchase from the site. They also view the shipping speed as good including its customer and after sales technical support. The site is also known to undergo consistent upgrades and daily security scan to ensure the protection of their customers as reported by McAfee which is a trusted leader in online security.


If you ask is Light in the Box a scam? there is a good reason to consider it is not. It does offer a legitimate online selling business but there could be some issues in terms of delivering the services that are expected by its customers with a weak customer support. Moreover, it should focus on improving their sales and marketing efforts in order to provide satisfying products and services to their customers.

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