Lifestyle Design Network Review

Lifestyle Design Network which is previously known as Internet Lifestyle Network is an online business opportunity which mainly focuses on giving individuals the training and tools they need to maximize their success in the field of internet marketing.

Price: $37 per month, $97 per month plus upsells
Owners: Vincent Ortega Jr., Clifton Hatfield and Mark Hoverson
Website: internetlifestylenetwork.com


What is Lifestyle Design Network?

Lifestyle Design Network is a program which will shows you how to make money online on the internet by referring people to join the Lifestyle Design Network. It sounds like a pyramiding scheme because it really is a pyramiding scheme!

The main aspect of all their products is to provide you with information and training on how you can refer other people to get on board with Lifestyle Design Network.

The training comes in four levels which consist of attraction marketing so leads come to you, selling products online, how to position yourself as a leader, and mind set training. The company is actually just benefiting from you by teaching you how to generate leads for Lifestyle Design Network.

The program is basically a sales funnel to get you to buy their Private Vacation Club, which was previously called the Global Resorts Network. They will hook you first with an affordable membership and then take thousands of dollars from you. There have been numerous online complaints on this extremely overpriced travel package.


Membership Price

Apprentice Members – $37 a month
Professional Members – $97 a month
Executive Members – $997 a month
Total Lifestyle Alliance – $2,000 down payment & $250 a month for 48 months

The ILN Vacation Club Prices:

Silver: 2 Weeks/Year – $2,995
Platinum: 10 Weeks/Year – $7,995
Diamond: 20 Weeks/Year – $11,995



The Courses

The Lifestyle Design Network courses do not provide its members any valuable information at all.

Course 1: Speed Wealth System Fast Profit Formula
Lesson 3: 6-Figure Earner’s Daily Facebook Playbook

This course will show you how to share or rather spam your affiliate link from Lifestyle Design Network on social media like Facebook.

Course 2: The Famous Viral 5 ILN Lifestyle Formula
Lesson 2: Create a Blog

This 29-minute long video is about creating your own blog. It does not give you any other information and if you want to learn more you have to upgrade to Professional Members.


  • $17 day trial
  • You will get paid every Monday and make enduring income
  • A so-so training and tools


  • If you want to earn commissions on all the levels of the membership, you need to go all in
  • Too much upsells
  • Training is very long and useless
  • There are complaints from individuals who have joined that they are lost and don’t know what to do
  • You have to contact random people on Facebook, build rapport and eventually refer them to Lifestyle Design Network and send them messages in order to make cash
  • 3 day refund policy
  • You will not be provided with the full compensation plan to review



Lifestyle Design Network will not provide you with the fundamentals in order to start a successful online business. The strategies they use will have you spamming your friends and family on social media and majority of their videos are long and tedious.

You also have to be at least in the pro level and pay a substantial amount in order to have access to better training materials. The whole program comes with numerous upsells as well. You will only be able to make real money by purchasing the ILN Private Vacation Club and that’s what this whole sales funnel is aiming for. In addition, your account will still be charge even after you have cancelled your membership. Lifestyle Design Network is a program that you should definitely stay away from.


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