Is Life Leadership a scam? Life learning or opportunity to be missed.

Product Name: Life Leadership

Founders: Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, Tim Marks, Bill Lewis, Clause Hamilton, George Guzzardo and Dan Hawkins


Price: Sign up fee at approx. $300

Rating: 2.5/10


When someone talk to you about Multi-level Marketing (MLM). you tend to shy away and totally ignore his or her proposal. MLM are a norm in today’s context just like any other insurance agents wooing you with their products.

So what’s about Life Leadership? Is it a good product or is it an opportunity to be missed?

You got to read the review.

What is Life Leadership?


You can read their landing page on the true definition of Life Leadership.

“LIFE Leadership is a company that specializes in producing personal development materials offered for sale through independent LIFE Members. One of the mainstays of the LIFE Leadership approach to personal growth is the development of communities that encourage people to improve their leadership, people skills, and other core competencies. The founders of LIFE Leadership have designed their learning programs to follow the principles consistent with long-term high achievement, namely, small, affordable doses of information and truth learned and applied consistently over time. This is predominantly accomplished through the format of monthly subscriptions, which focus on the “8Fs,” the categories through which we live out our lives: Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Following, Freedom, Friends and Fun.”

Basically, it is a program that teaches you to manage your personal, professional and finances well-being and be a new and improved person in life. So it doesn’t teach you much on internet marketing.

Well, there are quite a number of personal grooming development when you sign up and a couple of monthly fees you will need to pay. Total initial investment will be a about $300+. Well, you will get a couple of books (inspirational ones) and audio training (inspirational also) and thereafter, do it yourself session.

Should you follow Life Leadership?

As an MLM company, there is a sure compensation plan for you. The compensation plan is by means a good way to get rewarded and I am sure if you are into hard selling Life Leadership, you can get a really good compensation.


As most of us know, most MLM companies does not have a service call centre. So it will be hard for someone to get a refund. So, you will need to get another alternative such as emails to get your refund. Refund is a really tough nut to crack when the owner is adamant that his product can help you improve. The company will go all the way to insist that you continue with your program.

I don’t know if Life Leadership can help you in terms of personal development but by reading and listening to audio session, I guess it may or may not help you. There are tonnes of books and audio training session that cost less or even FREE in the internet.

My take on personal development is about one on one session whereby the trainers listen to your problems and give solutions to you. Anyone can buy a book and read it, listen to audio tracks but do they know how to apply it. Everyone of us have different problems and it will need to be address in a different way and not by reading and guessing your solution.

So think about it.



I am not sure if the product is good but it is up to you to sign up. I may be wrong but from my experience in MLM, I am 80% sure that to a newbie, you will be stuck and frustrated during your journey in Life Leadership. The other 20% is for those who persevere and continue to be a success in this business.

So are you the 20%? Think about it.

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If you have tried Life Leadership and want to share with us, feel free to comment below.

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