Is Learn How to Link Academy a Scam?

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There are too many link building scams today and it is unfortunate that many remain to be a prey to it. Perhaps what makes this offer very appealing is the fact that you will only be doing very simple tasks such as posting links to various sites. While link building is a legitimate marketing strategy there are too many innocent wanting to be rich quick individuals who easily fall for scam predators that are using this marketing approach as a scheme to steal money from others. One of the programs that offers link building job is the Learn How to Link Academy. Before you sign up for it, take the time to ask is Learn How to Link Academy a scam before you decide on investing your money.

Is Learn How To Link Academy a scam – Reasons to think twice it is not legit

The Learn How To Link Academy offers its subscribers the opportunity of earning thousands of dollars a week simply by building links in the internet. The only requirement are a good internet connection and a computer. If you can do the simple task of web browsing you can easily accomplish the task and you can possibly earn an average of $6000 a month or $78,000 a year, usually from posting links that are worth $20 each that is credited to your paycheck. Sounds very enticing, right? And you can choose to work for only twice a week or 40 hours a week. It’s your call how long you want to spend time working. The Learn How To Link Academy promises financial stability to anyone subscribing for their system and this is a very convenient sales marketing tactic in order to attract people especially those looking for a get rich quick method.


However, no matter how attractive the income opportunity the program offers, I have seen so many loopholes from how they do their business. First of all, posting links is a legitimate marketing strategy which big companies like eBay and Amazon often do to advertise their products and services. However, in reality, it is very rare if not impossible to find companies who are willing to pay $20 per link post. If you are not familiar with the link building system for advertising you will not know that this is a dying industry. Search engines like Google frown upon links that are characterized as spam and big companies are beginning to depart from this kind of marketing strategy because of the chance of getting their site banned for spamming due to unnatural links associated to them.

Keeping this in mind, how many companies still undertake this kind of marketing campaign? Will Learn How To Link Academy can sustain in providing their subscribers with this kind of job? The main question is who are the companies sourcing out the job to Learn How To Link Academy? There are not much to know from its site. There is no about page, disclaimer, terms and condition or anything else to know from the site. These are plain red flags for scammers.

Is investing your money worth it?


So what do you get from your $47 subscription for the program? Only basic training materials that have been repackaged and sold before by similar programs that were identified as scams using different names for their system. Moreover, it sounds unrealistic to promise an earning of at least a thousand dollar a week by spending only a couple of hours of work a day. Perhaps if you work harder you will probably reach this income target but the problem is you have no idea if jobs are always available all the time for you.  The site does not even provide information how their system works and how you get a job by using their program. It only takes common sense that you cannot instantly earn big bucks by doing so little work along the process, especially with link building. This type of marketing strategy does not give you long term income source and certainly will not give you that much earning with very little effort.


With so many uncertainties about the legitimacy on how the program works, if you ask me is Learn How to Link Academy a scam, I would answer you it probably is. Their marketing pitch sounds too good to be true and they make it appear that earning from link building will give you a long term employment to earn income from. Do not fall for this kind of scheme. This is another link building scam that you should avoid.

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