Is Leapforce A Scam

Is Leapforce A Scam


OWNER NAME: Leapforce, Inc.
RATING: 6/10


How does becoming an independent contractor appeal to you? Becoming one means that you will be doing your own business, manage it at your own time and place and be able to earn along the process. This is the income opportunity offered by Leapforce and there are some who are asking is Leapforce a scam? To find out more about this income opportunity, let’s get more perspective regarding its business in this review.

Leapforce Review

Leapforce contracts independent contractors who will deliver the performance of services on search engine evaluation to its clients. The contractor becomes its Leapforce at Home independent agent who will manage their own business and deliver the services as its search engine evaluators. As its contractor the agent is paid on an hourly basis for their services by sending an invoice to Leapforce for every work they complete. As a search engine evaluator your job is to assess whether the search results for the business of Leapforce clients are relevant in the search engine. Getting more accurate search result in the search engine is very critical in every business. If the search results are not relevant to a business more losses are incurred as no one will click on the ads.


Leaforce provides an income opportunity worldwide. This means that anyone across the globe can become a Leapforce independent contractor. Regardless where you are you have an access to the opportunity to earn from them. Unlike other income opportunity offers online that require a membership or joining fee in order to start using their system and earn, joining Leapforce is completely free. All you need is a computer and internet to start working on the job. You work at your own time and pace. You take as many or few tasks in a day and you will be running your own home based business.

Is Leapforce A Scam



One downside with Leapforce is the non-disclosure on how much you can potentially earn from the job opportunities they offer. Its agents are also bound by its non-disclosure term that you have to sign upon joining. This potentially rings a bell that somehow the company is not really transparent about how much they can and will pay for working on the job. This brings an agent in a situation where he might be working hard and only to get paid very cheaply for the complete job after. In order to join Leapforce one has to pass two examinations which typically cover the topic about theoretical and practical search engine evaluation. One has a one-time chance to pass the exam and will not be allowed to re-take if they fail the exam. This can easily scare an interested applicant for the job considering the pressure is quite high to pass the exam in one take only. Based on unverified reports, one has to keep his contract current with Leapforce by completing at least 200 tasks every month. An age restriction is also imposed where only those who are 18 years old and above can apply for the job.

Who is Leapforce For?

Leapforce is ideal for people who have a strong theoretical and practical background on search engine evaluations. The job requires the skills and knowledge about this area of specialization so not just anyone can apply as a Leapforce independent contractor and agent. It is a good job to consider if you are not particular about knowing how much you will get paid for each work prior to taking an assignment. This can be a good home based job to consider if you prefer working at home and at your own time and pace.

Leapforce Tools & Training

As a Leapforce At Home independent contractor you will not be provided with any training by Leapforce. All they will do is to provide you a job where you can work as an independent contractor for their client by doing in-depth internet based research that you will feed some of the leading companies in varied industries who are Leapforce clients. For every work earned you will bill it to them. No training tools available since you will be working independently as a qualified search engine evaluator who proves your knowledge and skills on this field by passing the qualifying exams.

Leapforce Support

Leapforce support is available through email contacts and telephone calls. They do not provide live chat support. It is uncertain whether they provide 24/7 support for their independent contractors.

My Final Opinion of Leapforce

Is Leapforce a scam? There is a good chance that it is not since it appears to be operating a legitimate business. Its payment program is quite dubious however considering that it does not actually inform potential interested applicants on what to expect from their pay after completing a task.


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