Is Kindle Sniper A Scam

Is Kindle Sniper A Scam?- Not A Shooter Yet

Is Kindle Sniper A Scam

PRODUCT NAME: Kindle Sniper

OWNER:  Martin Price


RATING:  4/10


Amazon Kindle is a good platform to sell books. For people with the kicks to write or has the inclination to do business using Amazon Kindle, Kindle Sniper is offering you a way to help improve your chance to enjoy a more productive business venture. Or so it claims.

Kindle Sniper claims that it can offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity to improve your life forever by selling a single product at Kindle Sniper using its system. Is Kindle Sniper a scam and just one of those bogus “systems” that will give you a shot of earning a high profit? Let’s find out.


Kindle Sniper Review

Kindle Sniper sells its effective system on how to maximize the use of Amazon Kindle publishing at $37. It is owned by Martin Price who claims that his system helped him earn at least one thousand dollar a day by simply giving 10 minutes of his time daily and he eventually earned $500,000 in the past year. The Kindle Sniper is being advertised as containing the secret formula to success in using the business model of Amazon Kindle Publishing in order to earn a passive income. This made me wonder further just how legitimate are these claims?


What is Kindle Sniper?

According on how it is advertised Kindle Sniper contains the success formula for using Amazon Kindle Publishing to make money from writing an eBook or asking someone to write it for you to sell it online. The Kindle Sniper is being sold at $37 with upsells. You will get the product in the form of PDF that contains information on how you can run your own Amazon Kindle publishing business.

You will access 71 pages PDF with 18 chapters that covers various topics on how to start and use Amazon Kindle for business. It includes tutorials on how to choose your niche or topics to work on, how to make an eBook design, choosing a title, publishing to KDP, how to publish to Create Space, getting reviews, promoting your eBook on Amazon as among many others.


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Just how legitimate and valuable are the information you can get from Kindle Sniper? Here are some of the things we discovered:

  1. The topics are quite generic

The information provided from the PDF is generic and readily available from the internet for free. Paying an amount of $37 is essentially a waste of money considering the product does not provide valuable information worth paying for. However, for people who are just beginners and do not want to do online research anymore, the product can be helpful at some point on their learning.


It is disappointing to know that Kindle Sniper has resorted to paying actors on Fiverr to give good testimonials about its product. This somehow affects its credibility and trustworthiness. Some of its paid actors are associated to scam sites as well.


Is Kindle Sniper A Scam

  1. Martin Price is bogus


The claimed to be owner of Kindle Sniper, Martin Price is a bogus personality. It is not surprising for scammer not to reveal their real identity and this fact does not discount the likelihood that Kindle Sniper may be using a scheme to earn money from its subscribers.


  1. Similar scam strategies


How Kindle Sniper does its advertisement is somehow similar to the styles used by other scam products. They share the same layouts and designs. Although their texts and images are different their similarities are something that one cannot simply ignore.


  1. Legitimate business, though


Despite the red flags associated with Kindle Sniper it is difficult to declare outright that it is a scam considering that you get a product out of your money. The information it gives are helpful although you can get it free online. The upsells are quite annoying but this is how business people earn more from their products. Taking the risk of paying more for this product is a personal choice you make so be smart if you think that what you are paying for is worth the price.


  1. Money back guarantee


Perhaps the best thing about Kindle Sniper is its 60 days money back guarantee. The product is sold on Clickbank so you can enjoy this benefit once you find Kindle Sniper is not something worth your money.


My Final Opinion of Kindle Sniper

With Kindle Sniper you are not a shooter yet to make big money out of Kindle Sniper publishing. The claims of income from using the system sounds too good to be true and you cannot simply earn a thousand a day without putting a lot of effort.

Is Kindle Sniper a scam? There is a chance that it can scam people out of their money by giving superhyped claims on the income that you can earn from using it and by delivering information that can be obtained free.

Free Course: How to Make Money Writing Ebooks


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