Is Isagenix a Scam

Is Isagenix a Scam?- Another MLM?

Is Isagenix a Scam



OWNER: John Anderson, Jim Coover, and Kathy Coover


RATING:  5/10


How does getting fit and earning at the same sounds to you? This is the sales pitch of Isagenix which attracted a lot of people to try out its products and business opportunity. Most likely you came across this Isagenix on the social media or through the word of mouth of some people you know, most especially from health buffs. Isagenix is a company that sells nutritional products and provides an income opportunity as well through its Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) program. You might be wondering is Isagenix a scam or just another MLM scheme that you should avoid?


Isagenix Review


Isagenix has been around since 2012 and founded by John Anderson, Jim Coover, and Kathy Coover. It sells nutritional products more particularly for weight loss and dietary supplements. Its business is not only directed towards selling health products but it also operates a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business where its business model aims to help people control their health and wealth. In order to take part to the Isagenix program one needs to sign up for a yearly subscription of $29. In addition to this one needs to place a Qualifying Product Order which consists of a starter pack of your choice of different products and pricing. A retention requirement is also in place where you need to achieve at least 100 personal volume every month that will cost an average of $100 in order to maintain your eligibility for the commission. Members usually maintain this by buying the products and consume it themselves or sell it to others.


What is Isagenix?


Is Isagenix a good investment to make or it is just another MLM scam? This is the common question about this product. To clarify Isagenix is not a scam because it offers a legitimate way of earning an income and you get products in exchange for your money. It employs a binary compensation plan where you need to recruit two persons to be placed on your right and left side to create a downline. There are varied ways to earn such as through retail profit, bonuses, special incentives and promotions. The income that one can earn will depend on his rank from associate, consultant, manager, director and the highest being the executive. The ranks are based on the total number of your sales volume and the number of people you recruited.


Making money from Isagenix is as simple as selling the products and recruiting people to build a downline where you can maximize your commission from the total sales volume of your recruits and their recruits. However, though as easy as it may sound there are challenges about getting successful with Isagenix. There are complex feedbacks about its nutritional or diet supplements. Some find them to be very effective while others claimed otherwise. Because of the nature of the MLM business, I cannot help but wonder if the positive feedbacks come from Isagenix members who try to build the reputation of the products in order to get more recruits. That is the problem with products growing out of MLM businesses. You cannot help but doubt the positive reviews considering that people who are promoting it have vested personal and financial interest out of it. Unfortunately though, when it comes to the question of success of selling Isagenix and getting good profit from its business, the Isagenix income disclosure will give you the answer. In 2015 about 92% of its members were unsuccessful in earning good income through Isagenix MLM business model.


Is Isagenix a Scam




Isagenix offers a legitimate way of earning an income through its MLM compensation model. If you are good enough in networking and recruiting you will likely prosper from this kind of business scheme. In fact, there were about 250 members who became millionaire from Isagenix. One thing good about its business is that its priority is the health of its members where it is pushing the use of their products prior to marketing it to others. About 83.3% of its members are product users. The payment process is also easy and convenient with Isagenix having its own payment processor and debit card.




There is now way of knowing whether the products of Isagenix have side effects. It is worth noting that two of the founders of the business are associated to the Cambridge Diet which was considered to present an unsafe way of dieting. The success rate of its members is also something one should seriously consider before making an investment.


My Final Opinion of Isagenix


So, is Isagenix a scam? This article already showed you that it is not. While it offers a legitimate way to get healthy and wealthy at the same time, in reality there are quite a lot of challenges that one has to endure to make their income and profit sustainable by selling Isagenix products.



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