Is Immediate Yes Formula a Scam?

In this blog post, I’m going to review a sales training product called “The Immediate Yes Formula“. It’s presented on the Immediate Yes Formula Website by Cesar L Rodriguez.


I like that his promotional video is in an educational format which is sprinkled with many golden nugget that you can picked and apply immediately.

Product Name: Immediate Yes Formula

Owners:  Cesar L Rodriguez

Price: USD$147.00

Website:  (Click to get a free sales training video using the Immediate Yes Formula)

Rating: 100/100

Are you struggling to convert your leads, and overcoming objections from skeptical prospects?

Have you ever wondered what are the hidden secrets which the top sales representatives, or top recruiters in the industry know which you are unaware of?

Imagine being able to get 80 to 90% of your target prospects to say yes to your product, service or opportunity during your presentation?  Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Read on to find out.  You must be wondering who is Cesar L Rodriguez?

Who is Cesar L Rodriguez?

Cesar L Rodriguez is a highly sought after and one of the best sales trainer and network marketing recruiter in the industry.  Over a period of 12 years, he has perfected the art of speaking to your target prospects, overcoming objections by skeptical prospects, and leading to say YES to your product, service or opportunity. He has turned sales into a science, where he came up with a formula that if you follow to the T, and able to master it, it would skyrocket the number of yes you get for your sales presentation for your product, service or opportunity.

What is the The Immediate Yes Formula?

The Immediate Yes Formula teaches you the It dives into the 5 elements which are required in a sales presentation in order for the prospects to say yes.


Missing one element in this formula will jeopardize your closing rate.


Do you know that learning the art of influence is the one skull that will make you more money than anything else?

If you don’t have the ability to INFLUENCE your prospects to say YES to buying your product or engaging your services or joining your business opportunity, you do not have a successful business.

Every sales person or business owner survive on making sales.

Are you struggling with talking to your prospects where you don’t know what to say to them?

Are you just winging it during your presentations where you do not have a system to have duplicatable results?

Are you feeling discouraged by your miserable sales results or have doubts on what objections to expect and how to overcome them during a sales presentation?

If the answer is yes to any of the questions above, and you value your time, it would be a no brainer to purchase this course to cut short your learning curve .

Intelligent people learn from other people’s mistakes and experiences and leverage on a proven system to cut short their learning curve to get the results they want. I acknowledge that sometimes it’s tough to keep yourself motivated when you are not sure how to carry out the sales presentation and meet with rejection after rejection.  I was in your shoes last year, looking to improve my sales skills, I went online to google and came across the Immediate Yes Formula.  I purchase the whole range of courses, the Immediate Yes Formula, Reality Networker Prospecting Mastery, and Reality Networker Calling and Closing Mastery and Reality Networker Leadership Mastery, after that I spent weeks going through all the courses, writing down notes, and using it for my sales presentation. Upon applying it, my closing rate skyrocketed.

Are you a seasoned prospector whom have been in the sales or network marketing in the industry for many years?

It would be would be a wise investment for you to purchase this course, you are bound to get a few golden nuggets and tweaks you can make to your current sales presentation that can skyrocket your sales.



-It is a detailed video course consisting of 10 modules which dive deep into the concepts in the Immediate Yes Formula, with three bonus videos and tools.


-The course is well structured and well-organised, which each video comes with an Immediate Yes Formula Action Guide and Coaching Checklist to get you started applying the knowledge learnt immediately.


– It seems like Cesar is sitting down right in front of you, giving you a one on one coaching.

– There is a facebook community where you are able to post your questions, any doubts you have, and experiences after you apply the knowledge in the course. Cesar as well as the more seasoned students will be there to answer your questions and bounce ideas.  It also provides you with an opportunity to network and interact with like-minded individuals and bounce ideas. It’s a high level community.


-There are no live case studies where we see how Cesar L Rodriguez applies the Immediate Yes Formula.

If you want to view how Cesar utilise Immediate Yes Formula concepts in real life scenarios to prospect, present, close and train the prospects, you may purchase his reality networker courses.

-It’s a self-study course, with a white-labeled, generic formula, so you have to customise and apply the knowledge and skills learnt in the course to craft the presentation for the specific product, service or opportunity which you are promoting.



I would highly recommend anybody in the sales or network marketing industry or any business owner to purchase this Immediate Yes Formula.  It helps to shortcut your learning curve in the sales, giving you a specific sales formula which generates results  for you to duplicate and various techniques you may apply to your sales presentation.


The more you invest in your yourself, in terms of buying courses that can upgrade your knowledge, applying the knowledge learnt, and mastering the skills, the more valuable you will become and you will be able to dominate the marketplace.

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