Is Giving Assistant A Scam

Is Giving Assistant A Scam


PRODUCT NAME: Giving Assistant


RATING:  8/10


What could be better than shopping and along the process get some cash back in return? Shoppers will certainly prefer this kind of service from a shopping site such as Giving Assistant especially when there is an opportunity for you to have more savings from shopping and getting the chance to donate for charity work. While many find this as a great deal to grab when shopping online I cannot help but wonder is Giving Assistant a scam? Here is my review about the site.


Giving Assistant Review


Giving Assistant is an online shopping site that offers a cash back program to its shoppers. It has about more than 3,000 participating stores that give a 50% commission to Giving Assistant from every purchase of shoppers from its site. Giving Assistant then give back the 50% of the commission to its shoppers in the form of a cash back incentive. The site advocates charitable work and gives its shoppers the option to donate part of their cash back to selected charitable institutions. This gives you a chance to shop with a charity value.


What is Giving Assistant?


Giving Assistant has more than 3,000 merchants in its online store where you can shop. You need to become a member, which is free using your email or Facebook account. It is BBB accredited (A+) which supports the legitimacy of its business. Among its participating merchants are reputable companies like Walmart, American Eagle, Ali Express, Club Monaco, DKNY, HP, Macy’s and Home Depot as among many others. Perhaps the best thing about Giving Assistant is earning cash back that not only gives you savings but also gives you the chance to do some charity work. This makes spending money for a worthy cause while shopping. Giving Assistant targets to raise at least $17 million by 2020 for its charities in the United States and its online shoppers have direct participation in raising this amount for charity.


Is Giving Assistant A Scam

Complaints about Giving Assistant


While there are positive reviews about Giving Assistant, admittedly there are negative reviews as well. Some of the complaints involve declaring an order as ineligible for the cash back, payment of their cash back in installments, cancellation of the cash back when an order is returned or refunded and coupons not being honored. Taken these complaints into consideration this does not make the business model of Giving Assistant a scam. There are actually explanations why some are not eligible for the cash back program. Reading the terms and condition from the site is important as it defines the limitation and guidelines on how to avail of the cash back. Notable is that every merchant has its own terms when to avail of its cash back and certain restrictions. For instance, when you choose to shop at Walmart you will see a note regarding some exclusions on certain products where you cannot avail of the cash back like iPhone, cell phones, gift cards, travel bookings, tires, optical, etc. Reading the prints will help a lot in managing your expectations when shopping from a particular merchant.


Maximizing your cash back benefits


There are things that you can do in order to maximize your cash back reward when shopping from Giving Assistant:


  1. Download the Giving Assistant browser extension


This will enhance your shopping experience from the site when using Safari or Chrome. You can find the extension from the Giving Assistant site by clicking on the “Button” section from its page to download. The extension is helpful in displaying the Giving Assistant logo on sites appearing on your search browser indicating cash back opportunities. It also notifies you when the site you are visiting offers cash back and do deals.


  1. Refer someone


You can get the extra $5 referral fee once the person you referred to the program joined by using your unique referral link.


  1. Upgrade your account


You need to pay $5.99 out of your cash back earning to upgrade your account that will entitle you to double cash backs, customizable payment option, faster payment and first in line customer.


My Final Opinion of Giving Assistant


Giving Assistant offers a very good opportunity to earn more savings from your shopping spree through its cash back model. It brings value for your money as it earns cash back rewards that give you the chance to donate to charities as well. While many might still ask is Giving Assistant a scam? it is worth stating that it is a legitimate business. It also helps to manage expectations from its cash back program because of the exclusions and limitations imposed by individual merchants on the products and services which will make you eligible for the cash back reward. It helps to pay attention to the terms and conditions from the site prior to shopping.


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