fast lane lifestyle

fast lane lifestyle


PRODUCT NAME: Fast Lane Lifestyle

OWNER NAME: Tim Fletcher


RATING:  0/10


Anyone will always like to live a fabulous lifestyle and taking the right work from home job can potentially help you achieve it. However, while there are so many legit internet marketing money making opportunities out there, so are scammers who take advantage of this desire of many aspiring work from home people. The Fast Lane Lifestyle offers an opportunity that can apparently give one a very comfortable lifestyle by earning big from their system. Is Fast Lane Lifetsyle a scam? is something we want to look into and here’s what we found out.

Is Fast Lane Lifestyle a scam?

“Are you ready to earn over $1597.42 a day all from 5 minute set up time?” is the sales marketing pitch of Fast Lane Lifestyle. For someone looking for a big opportunity to earn online this line will be catching to the eyes. As you take a look at its website it shows some sales videos but there is not much of information given on how you can potentially earn the income that they claim in a day. Other than telling you that you only follow their instructions and making your own website the system is not clear what it can actually do to make you earn money. Its website is too fancy and lacks substance. Its main goal appears to entice people to get awed by how much you can earn by using its system but without actually explain the mechanics on how their system works and how it can earn you money.

At most you can learn from its sales page that you will earn from autoblogging which is a method of curating content from other websites and publishing it to your own website by using the Fast Lane Lifestyle system. For $47 one-time payment you get to access its software. The amount is lowered down to $37 as you attempt to leave their web page and even lowered down to $17 as you try leaving the site. Once you make your subscription they will be pushing some upsells that will cost you more money.

Red Flags About Fast Lane Lifestyle

Lack of information

There are so many red flags that are apparent from the Fast Lane Lifestyle that can be very alarming. First, it sells its system with the lack of details that will describe the legitimacy of its product. Moreover, as you go over with their sales page there will be many questions left unanswered such as how will it help you earn at least over $1000 a day and the mechanism on how the system works. Other than describing the system will help you build a website for autoblogging there is not much to learn about the system.

Not sustainable income opportunity

While autoblogging can generate you some income this is not a sustainable way of making money online since Google can penalize your website for publishing duplicate content by banning your site. Legitimate business will not want this to happen to their customers.

fast lane lifestyle

Hyped sales pitch

While at some point it is possible to earn a thousand dollar a day by working online, the way Fast Lane Lifestyle describes how you can earn this much in 5 minutes set up is completely overhyped. It is simply a ridiculous claim and without details to back up how it can help you earn this much will make you certainly doubt this is just a sales pitch to entice signing up for the system.

All fakes

If you are wondering who is behind the Fast Lane Lifestyle you will find out that it is Tim Fletcher. However, it is not surprising to find out that he is not real or certainly fake. The sales ads used by Fast Lane Lifestyle use fake pictures taken from stock photo. This will certainly make you wonder if you cannot trust the person who is behind the system, how will you be able to trust using the system?

Not legitimate proofs of earning

The sales video will show proof of earning like a screenshot from a marketplace but other than this there is no way of telling whether this earning is actually taken from Fast Lane Lifestyle earning or it could be photoshopped.


Is Fast Lane Lifestyle a scam? There is a big possibility that it is. While there is no proof that this system can scam your money, it certainly lacks substance to be worth your investment. The methods it provides are quite dubious if it can help you sustain earning as much amount that it claims you can. Moreover, there are a lot of red flags that will make you aware that this system might not be worth trying. For sure, its system of helping you make money online is not sustainable in the long run and earning fast as it claims can be a dangerous investment to make.


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