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Is Easy Clone System really an amazing product as it claims it to be or a total scam?


Product Name: Easy Clone System

Owner: Alan Magliocca

Website: easyclonesystem.com

Price: $1 for the first 10 days, then $34.95/month; Upsell: $247

Strategy: Affiliate Marketing


When it comes to online money-making schemes, you need to avoid systems or programs that are downright scams. These kinds of products are operated by people who do not care whether you make a profit or not. All they’re after for is your money and how much money they can make from you.


Easy Clone System is a product created by Alan Magliocca that was release on October 24, 2016. The product has attracted numerous people who are interested to make money online. Aside from these, there are plenty of internet marketers and affiliate marketers who have been promoting the system on their email lists and other advertisement platforms online.


This article will provide you insights and legit information regarding Easy Clone System based from users’ point of view as well as from data and information collected from various forums and marketplace.


Easy Clone System
How Does it Work?




According to Alan Magliocca, Easy Clone System is the leading method on how to quickly and easily generate income online. With this system, you don’t have to do the following:


  • Buy a domain, pay for hosting and even build a website or blog
  • Create your own product
  • Entice an audience to create traffic and convert it into sales
  • Build a list by setting up an auto responder


Simply put, you won’t have to do anything to make money online, which is quite ridiculous and is always the selling point of almost if not all scams out there. Reality is, the only one who are going to make a profit from this system are the people behind it.




Easy Clone System does not require you to have any special skills or experience to deal with its system. It promised a $10 profit from the $1 free trial fee. There are basically three basic steps that you need to follow:


Step 1: The cost for a 10-day free trial is $1. In to exchange for this you will have an access to the automated system, where Alan Magliocca will walk you through the platform and encourage you to set up the system. And then, you will be asked to provide you Paypal email, username and password to login to the system.


Step 2: Choose the traffic volume which will be sent to your new copy of the system.


Step 3: Generate commission. Each commission you will generate will be shown in the member’s area.


You actually have to purchase an auto responder to activate the system, contrary to what Maliocca said on the sales page. So basically, you are paying him to promote his system as well as generate commissions from him by purchasing Get Response.


Easy Clone System




Aside from having access to the system, you will also be provided with a training called Affilliate Academics, which is supposed to cost around $2000. This training will walk you through the basics of affiliate marketing, how to choose a niche, set up an auto responder, look for products on Clickbank, etc.


Videos about affiliate marketing are easily available online and Magliocca did not give any emphasis on the important factors you need in order to build a strong foundation for your business, which is a suitable website or blog. The best way to generate free traffic to your website or blog is through writing compelling content. Unfortunately, Magliocca wants to lead you in the wrong path so he can get more money from you. At the end of each course, you are even required to take a quiz and pass it in order to unlock the next one, where Magliocca will encourage you to buy solo ads in detriment of creating a website. And as previously mentioned, this is another way for him to take more money from you.


Easy Clone System




Easy Clone System also offers an upsell which they call Affiliate Forward that costs $247. This provides entree to a private Facebook group where it will help you to create a profit from your list.


Basically, you are again paying Magliocca to do all the supposedly “hard work” for you. According to him, he will classify products that are lucrative and build up an email follow up structures which you can incorporate with your Get Response account.




  • Little investment, $1 is quite cheap
  • Simple and easy to set up
  • There are a few things that you can learn




  • The system itself is inconsistent
  • The training is dedicated more on generating profits for the creator and not on your success
  • Lack of hosting
  • Very risky
  • Poor customer support




Easy Clone System is something people should think twice before investing in. It’s another one of those systems that claims it will help you make a fortune, but in reality you won’t.  You’ll be provided with a flawed training that will simply waste your time and lead you in the worst possible direction when it comes to making a profit with affiliate marketing.


Making money online is not as easy as one, two, and three. It will take a lot of hard work, time and effort from you. Relying on paid traffic to build a list and convert it into sales will not cut it. You have to have a solid foundation for your business to be successful. Creating a website and taking advantage of the free traffic from Google and other search engines are still the full-proof ways to start making money online.


  1. It works, I earned in a few days almost 500$, and after trial period of 1$ and 10days there is a monthly membership 34$

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