Is Dubai Lifestyle App A Scam

Is Dubai Lifestyle App A Scam? – Find A Better App

Is Dubai Lifestyle App A Scam


PRODUCT NAME: Dubai Lifestyle App

OWNER NAME: Scott Hathaway


RATING:  2/10


Engaging in a binary trading is something that you might consider as an income or profit option. There are many online trading systems offering you the best and proven ways of improving your chance of gaining more profits from your investment. One of these systems is the Dubai Lifestyle App which provides you an opportunity of using as an ultimate trading solution. You will perhaps wonder is Dubai Lifestyle App a scam? This Dubai Lifestyle App review will help you determine whether subscribing for the system is worth your money.


Dubai Lifestyle App Review


Dubai Lifestyle App is not the typical mobile application but it is rather an online trading system that claims to help you obtain better chances of gaining profits from binary trading with a system accuracy of 99.8%. The system is being marketed as a binary trading solution that has an auto trade functionality that you need to activate and then you can sit back and relax and see how your profits roll in. It also provides a manual trading option if you want to trade in by yourself. The enticing part of the sales pitch of the system is that you can easily turn your $250 into $7000 overnight just by letting its application do the works of trading for you. Dubai Lifestyle App apparently tells you that it there is only 100 beta testers available for their system so you should sign up in order to start trading.




The Dubai Lifestyle App is a something that can help you trade without the need of skills, knowledge and expertise in binary trading. Since it is an automated system that you can activate to do the trading for you what you only need is spending a certain amount to trade and let the system trade for you. Even if you are a newbie in trading you can easily participate even with lacking skills and technical know-how on trading.




Unfortunately there are a lot of cons with Dubai Lifestyle App. There are too many red flags that will warn you there is something off with the system. While the system manages to provide some testimonials to uplift its credibility to potential users of its system, there are some testimonials that appear to be fakes and were probably bought for a few dollars to make. You cannot certainly trust these testimonials are completely true. The accuracy claimed by Dubai Lifestyle App at 99.8% seems too good to be true. On the average the accuracy of binary trading systems is between 60% and 70% considering that there is no effective and efficient ways of predicting an outcome in trading fluidity. It is a bit too high to claim this much accuracy for a system and the product did not explain how they can arrive to the trading prediction it makes.


The person behind this product is named as Scott Hathaway. However, it seems that the photo used for this guy was taken from a stock photo which you can pay cheap to use. If the system is truly accurate and it works why does the person behind the product will hide from a fake photo and identity? The product ads will also entice you to use the system as it can help change your lifestyle and will give you financial freedom without giving much details about how the system works. You have no idea where your money goes after trading a certain amount and you won’t even know who to go after in case you encounter a problem.


Is Dubai Lifestyle App A Scam


Who is Dubai Lifestyle App For?


The Dubai Lifestyle App is for people who prefer to earn profits the fastest and quickest way without really spending time to analyze how trading actually works.


Dubai Lifestyle App Tools & Training


There are no training tools when you use the system. Since it is runs by automation, there is nothing you need to do while trading other than spending your money.


Dubai Lifestyle App Support


It appears that the product provides worldwide support. They have customer support managers who will be available to answer your       questions within the day or night.


My Final Opinion of Dubai Lifestyle App


Dubai Lifestyle App provides a binary trading system that offers to make your trading activities and decisions easy. Its automated function will be beneficial if you are someone who do not care what happens to your money after making a trade. If you wonder is Dubai Lifestyle App a scam? it cannot be outright a scam, although while the system does provide you a platform for automated trading there are some warning signs that make it doubtful if the system really works. Once you trade using the system you will have no control anymore where your money goes and what happens next. You can find other trading apps that can explain in details how their system works that will give you more confidence that it will work for you with reasonable accuracy.


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