Is Desktop Commission System A Scam

Is Desktop Commission System A Scam


PRODUCT NAME: Desktop Commission System

OWNER:  Unknown


RATING:  2/10


Is there a quick way of earning cash online? People will certainly be willing to try out a system that promises to earn you at least a thousand dollar a day, just like Desktop Commission System. The program is worth giving a review considering that its offer is very enticing where you can earn cash quick by using its system and the best part is, it is free. However, you probably feel skeptical about this offer and wonder is Desktop Commission System a scam? Let’s find out.


Desktop Commission System Review


Desktop Commission System offers a program that can help you earn $1,000 a day. It claims that its system is a proven way of making money online with easy steps. It is best even for beginners to start earning money and using its program is free, so as advertised. However, there are so many red flags about the program advertisement which should be a good reason for you to stay away from it.


What is Desktop Commission System?


What Desktop Commission System promises is a get rich quick scheme using its system with a potential thousand a day earning. However, its advertisement and website are screaming some warnings that the program is kind of shady. Its sales advertisement video actually takes more than an hour just to “sell” the program and make it more enticing by showcasing the potential earnings one can enjoy when using its system. Despite its effort to make a convincing statement that its system is reliable, red flags are very prominent on its site.


Contradicting statements


There are so many red flags from the site to the sales video of Desktop Commission System. Its sales video claims that its system works and helped many earn money online however from its site is a statement:


“The typical purchaser does not make any money using this system. does not guarantee income or success, and examples shown in this presentation do not represent an indication of future success or earnings.”


Is Desktop Commission System A Scam


Not free at all


Desktop Commission System promotes its system as 100% free. However, as you register your name and email on the site you will be taken to a page where you are asked to pay $67 in order to gain access on its program. As you attempt to leave the site you will be prompted to a page offering you a discounted rate of the system down to $30.


What System?


Desktop Commission System is actually claiming a lot of things about its done for you system that can help in making you money online but none was explained on how the system works. In fact no information was given at all about the system. While it claims that it will not disclose how the system works until you get access to it because it wants to keep the system secret, logic will tell you that legitimate companies will always reveal some information about their product to help the consumer make informed decision when buying. No one in his right mind will buy something without knowing what he is buying.


Too good to be true earning


If you think earning $1,000 a day using a system that you don’t know how it works sounds too good to be true, it probably is. While it is possible to earn a thousand dollar a day, one has to invest time and effort in order to make it work. It is quite ambiguous on how the Desktop Commission System works making it very unlikely to be reliable in earning you this much.


Hired actors


The site provides “Testimonials included in this video sales letter are paid actors portraying the results of the owners in real life situations.” This brings the credibility of Desktop Commission System in a bad light.




The program has a refund policy of 60 days. Whether anyone ever really gets a refund we do not know.




There are a lot of inconsistent statements from the ads and the program policy on its site which scream red flag.


My Final Opinion of Desktop Commission System


There is no doubt that the promotional ads of the program are quite off that can make one ask is Desktop Commission System a scam? While it cannot be confirmed that the system is a scam there are good reasons not to recommend the product. How it tries to promote the system is certainly an attempt to make people believe that it can make you earn big quick when everyone knows that to enjoy this kind of financial freedom it entails hard work, time and effort. While you can possibly earn from Desktop Commission System I doubt if it can really make one earn much. Its sales video is nothing more than a flashy clickbait that tricks people to sign up for the product.


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