Is Commission Uprising a scam?

Product Name: Commission Uprising

Owner: Steven Rounds


Price: $7 + upsells.

Rating: 60/100


Do you ever heard of pop-up ads? Well, my guess is everyone of us have seen pop up ads when we click on a website or an application. Pop up ads can be effective in a campaign to promote traffic and well sometimes you can see freebies in the pop up ads.

Well, for his short review, I will be sharing with you on a product which is rather interesting that uses pop up ads to drive traffic to the host website.

So let’s go into the review.

What is Commission Uprising?

Commission Uprising is a product by Steven Rounds that offers a system for making money using CPA marketing. So what is CPA marketing? CPA means Cost Per Action and you will get paid on commission when someone click on your affiliate links or pop up ads and thereafter completes an action. The person who click you your links or pop up ads will get directed to your affiliate website or fill in forms or get freebies, etc.

This program is quite interesting and the main objective is to capture your audience from social networks such as Facebook, Twitters and Pinterest to click your pop up ads. It has the potential for you to make an income but it is not so easy as it gets.


So if you decide to join as a member, this program will offer you the training as a free gift.

Should you follow Commission Uprising?

Commission Uprising training is legit and affordable at $7 when you join as a member. However, there are a few upsells that you will need to purchase. The hype in the introductory video is exaggerating and you can see that Steven Rounds marketing strategies to entice consumers to join his program.


In his program, you will follow a step by step training to create links to web pages and attached a pop-up links to the affiliate links which is created by the software. Once you have created the links, you can share them in the social media to grow your traffic. It is quite a simple program to follow but there are quite a few disadvantages to take note.

One disadvantage is many of the pop up links being offered in the internet are spammy and most of us will avoid pop up ads at all cost. Steven Rounds also claims that you can make tonnes of money which can be misleading to consumers. If you don’t mind making an income from this program, then it is the product for you but if you wants something different, you can read my #1 recommend product review.


When you join a program, you will need to do a lot of works to get your product ready to launch, be it building a website or creating a pop up ads. So by creating a pop up ads and launching it and thereafter waiting for someone to click your ad, it may not be a good idea and I don’t think I would recommend this product to you.

What you will need to do is to promote your own product by building a website and blog about the product. This is one of the ways to create a business online not by creating a pop up ads and hoping that someone click on your ad.

So by choosing a suitable program, you will succeed, no doubt about it. So don’t wait, click on the free 5 days email course on affiliate marketing and I will be sharing with you on affiliate marketing strategies which you can apply it to your online business.

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