Driving traffic to your website is the hardest part of internet marketing. SEO or search engine optimization can help as well as paid traffics. But either way, you’re going to spend money and time to get the results you’re looking for.

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Bryan Winters came up with a new product called CashBlurbs which offers to give website owners numerous traffics to their websites or product offerings for a minimum amount to invest as well as time. CashBlurbs are basically small ads that are like tweets from Twitter, wherein you’ll post them to its website and gets seen by a bunch of people. It’s probably not that many people, but CashBlurbs has a twist into their system that you may or may not find beneficial to you.

Product Name: CASH BLURBS
Price: $20
Owner/Creator: BRYAN WINTERS



CashBlurbsYou need to have a Facebook or Twitter account in order to use CashBlurbs as a free member or an upgraded member. You can actually use your existing Twitter or Facebook account or create a new one after becoming a member.

CashBlurbs are ads that come in short one-liners, which you can use to promote anything you want. You will have to first a choose a category that will best represent the products or services that you are promoting before submitting your new CashBlurbs so that each latest ads will be at the top of the homepage as well as at the top of its category page.

In addition, before you can post your ads, in order for your post to become viral, you have to share other advertisers CashBlurb on your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter.

CashBlurbs come it two types of membership that you can choose from, free or unlimited. Free members are allowed to post one CashBlurb per day that can potentially turn into hundreds or even thousands of visitors. Unlimited membership on the other hand costs $20 monthly and will allow you to post a CashBlurb every 20 minutes for 24 hours a day. This is ideal for those who are promoting multiple products or services.



  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • Ideal advertising platform for people who needs to reach out to numerous contacts on Facebook and Twitter.
  • You can reach limitless number of people to promote your products or services
  • Unlimited membership which allows you to post an ad every 20 minutes for only $20





  • The free membership is limited when it comes to reaching your target goal in the shortest time as possible, so you might end up paying for the unlimited service if you want to utilize the system.



There is no doubt that CashBlurbs is not a scam. But this system is not for everyone. How it works is that you will only get to add one of your own ads for every ad that you share. Only the ad at the top of the list can be shared by the next individual, so this means that each ad can only be shared once, and once it is shared it will be pushed down the list.

You have to post as many ads as possible on your social media accounts in order to reach a lot of people, which can be a bit risky. Aside from annoying your friends and followers by promoting these ads, you might be tagged as a spammer. This may result in loosing followers or worst, your account being blocked by Facebook or Twitter.

Another problem is with the system itself.  Though CashBlurbs’ system does not let you create an ad until you click on the post button to post someone else’s ad, the system does not really have any ways to know the activities on each member’s social media accounts, it can’t really tell if a person posts an ad and instantly deletes it.

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