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Is Brendon Burchard Expert Academy a scam? There’s a lot of hype on this product.

Review on Brendon Burchard – Expert Academy

Product Name: Expert Academy

Start up fee: USD$1,997

Rating: 45/100

Expert Academy2

There are many programs that are available online which you can choose to start up your online business. One of the programs that caught my attention is Expert Academy. The owner Brendon Burchard is a popular figure online and the #1 New York Times bestselling author who has written books such as The Motivation Manifesto, The Charge, etc. He is one hell of a guy and you can find him in everywhere even in YouTube.

In YouTube, the videos Brendon Burchard posted are rather appealing and valid, showing viewers the strategies on starting up business models, etc. I felt that his videos are comprehensive and honest.

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What is Expert Academy?

Expert Academy1

At the Expert Academy homepage, you will have to sign up to gain access to the site and view the free video which is about 1 hour long and thereafter, a 2nd video which is about 45 minutes long.

To summarize, Brendon Burchard talks to motivate and encourage viewers to follow their goals to build their business around their passion. It is full of motivation and encouragement and lastly to get viewers to purchase his products. I guess the products are rather the same as most of the wealth gurus out there that teaches viewers and followers to sell or market their products via online such as webinars, email hosting, articles and internet marketing.


Expert Academy

You can view Brendon Burchard in YouTube and listen to his introductory programs which he is offering. There are a lot of hypes and one of Brendon Burchard advantages are his speeches that convince his viewers to purchase his product.

Should you follow Expert Academy?

The start up for his product is about USD$2,000.

The cost of investment is on a high side but for those who wants to learn from Brendon Burchard, you are most welcome. Personally, there are many online programs that are cheaper that Expert Academy. You can even learn some programs for free. Personally, I don’t think this product is for those who are starting up. The one time USD$2,000 investment you put into will not be stop there, there should be a few more products by Expert Academy you need to purchase and I guess it will be even more expensive than your initial investment.


From Brendon Burchard YouTube clips, you can see that he engage and motivate viewers to have a mindset to build a business empire and be an expert in your passion. The confidence he gave viewers really motivates them to enroll to his programs.

So you will need to know on what type of programs you are looking for and do not spent your money on hyped programs by popular personality. You can be a part of a community that teaches online business and doesn’t burn your pockets. My advice is go and find a suitable program that suits you and not to be mislead by hyped programs that assure you that their programs are worth tens of thousands and they are selling by a few thousand bucks.

If you want to join a community that fits your profile, you can join me and sign up with my #1 recommend product for free which also risk free.

So think about it and set your goals clear and look for a program that can enable you to achieve it.


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