Is Bitcoin Advertising A Scam

Is Bitcoin Advertising A Scam? – Avoid It

Is Bitcoin Advertising A Scam


PRODUCT NAME: Bitcoin Advertising

OWNER: Unknown

RATING:  0/10


Do you aim to double or even triple your advertising efforts to earn more profits from your business? Perhaps you are looking for the most effective advertising means to leap your profit earnings. How will you respond if you discover an advertising app that can help you reach your market goals such as the Bitcoin Advertising app? Certainly you will be awed when the product claims that it is possible to earn $13,000 or more per day using its advertising app. This will probably make you wonder is Bitcoin Advertising a scam?


Bitcoin Advertising Review


Bitcoin Advertising is an application that claims to have about 99.4% accuracy with software that is ahead of the market in advertising by about 0.01 seconds. It is important to stress out that Bitcoin Advertising is an application that can boost your ad performance and has nothing to do with the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin. It claims that the app can actually help you earn $13,000 or more each day.


What is Bitcoin Advertising?


One thing that makes me skeptical about Bitcoin Advertising is the ambiguity in what it is actually selling. The sales video actually lacks detailed information on what the product is all about. One thing is clear though it is trying to convince people that the product can boost their earnings or profits by using its system. It talks about accuracy ratio and speed that will make you earn as much as $13,000 but lacks substance on what it is actually selling and on what accuracy it is referring to. By visiting the website you will find a sign up tab that will take you to the payment page. The program costs $199. Quite expensive for something you do not understand what the product is all about. You will also find Bitcoin Advertising introducing you to an advertising network called Banner Bit from which it gets some commissions for every sign up by its referral.


The sales video itself of Bitcoin Advertising is screaming with a lot of red flags that this program is something you should avoid at all costs. Here’s why:


  1. Deceiving News


Bitcoin Advertising certainly is trying to ride on the popularity of Bitcoin. It presents news on how much people are earning from Bitcoin but there is actually no reason to associate cryptocurrency trading in Bitcoin with an advertising application. Obviously this is a desperate attempt to convince unsuspecting people from getting overwhelmed about the income you can earn from joining Bitcoin Advertising simply by using the word Bitcoin in its product.


  1. Deceiving Security Badges


In order to give the impression of legitimacy and safety on its site, Bitcoin Advertising display security badges like McAfee and Norton. But if you are smart enough to verify whether it is actually real try clicking on these badges and the links do not work or it will take you to the Bitcoin Advertising site.


  1. Inaccurate accuracy


Bitcoin Advertising claims that the product has about 99.4% accuracy rate. But it does not specify what the accuracy is for with lack of details to make one understand how their system works.


  1. Anonymous owner


Nowhere can you get details on who owns Bitcoin Advertising. For a company claiming to be legitimate staying anonymous is not an option as this will give the impression of being untrustworthy. The people behind Bitcoin Advertising chose to be anonymous and certainly this brings more suspicions on the product credibility. The main domain appears to be new as it was only registered in 2017 with no details on the people behind it, not even contact numbers. The site is also purely offer on signing up but there are no terms given.


  1. Fake Testimonials


The people who gave testimonials for Bitcoin Advertising are taken from stock photos. This is another red flag that the testimonials are likely to be designed to deceive people to sign up.


Is Bitcoin Advertising A Scam



Bitcoin Advertising will offer you to sign up for its digital advertising product called Banner Bit which does not come cheap. Its default option is $1000 but the lowest price is at $200 and the highest is $10,000. What it offers is you buy the adverts and it will be shown to thousands of people for better exposure to boost your sales. But there is no proof that your adverts are actually shown to as much people and is likely will be shown to other people who are also buying adverts. This does not translate to good investment.


My Final Opinion of Bitcoin Advertising


Bitcoin Advertising certainly is something of no value and you should avoid at all cost. You will be paying for a product you don’t even know what it can do for your business. With a lot of red flags associated with it you certainly find the answer to the question is Bitcoin Advertising a scam in the positive.



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