Is Auto Affiliate Machine A Scam

Is Auto Affiliate Machine A Scam? – Can This Machine Works?

Is Auto Affiliate Machine A Scam


PRODUCT NAME: Auto Affiliate Machine


RATING:  5/10


There are many digital products in the market today that can make your life as an affiliate marketer a breeze. One product is the Auto Affiliate Machine which provides an automated system in generating product reviews. For a minimal fee you will have a machine working for you towards better sales and income from affiliate marketing. But just how reliable is this product? You are probably wondering is Auto Affiliate Machine a scam just like other digital products that make false promises on how it can help with your business. This review will help you get insights what the product can offer and cannot offer.


Auto Affiliate Machine Review


Preparing product reviews can be tasking but the Auto Affiliate Machine offers a system that can help you create eye catching product reviews. It works using an automated system that will give help create more comprehensive product reviews to promote your affiliate products online. For a price of $17 the sales page of the Auto Affiliate Machine claims that you get access to its software that can generate traffic instantly to your products in just one click that equates to profits.


What is Auto Affiliate Machine?


The Auto Affiliate Machine provides an automated digital product with templates that will give you more freedom to create comprehensive product reviews to promote your affiliate products and generate automated traffic on them. One need not have experience to be able to create an eye catching product review. You only need to fill up information such as the product name, description, star rating, eCover image and other relevant information that you can to sell out from your product such as affiliate links and bonus details. You can then generate a PDF for the template. If people click on your affiliate links and make a purchase you earn a commission.




The Auto Affiliate Machine has a social media integration feature that allows you to post your PDF on product review to various social media accounts in just a click. The digital product is available for any type of niche you want to engage in. No experience is needed in order to promote your products online and get traffic.


Is Auto Affiliate Machine A Scam




The traffic you get mainly relies on social media only. As much as the sales page of the product wants you to believe you will get instant traffic by using its system, it will not work if you do not have active social media accounts. While the software shares your published PDF on social media you still need to work out on building your social media followers to get more traffic.


My Final Opinion of Auto Affiliate Machine


Is Auto Affiliate Marketing a scam? It is best to resolve this issue by stating that it is not rather it is a legitimate digital product with the ability of creating automated product reviews on PDF. However, its sales page is not what it actually claims it to be. While it is being promoted that it can bring instant and automated traffic to your affiliate products you still need to spend hard work in building your own social media followers to make it effective in driving traffic to your business.


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