Is Arbitrage Sugardaddy A Scam? – Avoid Wasting Your Money

PRODUCT NAME: Arbitrage Sugardaddy

OWNER NAME: Stephen Gilbert


RATING: 2/10

Graphic design is one of the popular income sources online. For someone who wants to earn from this kind of niche, having a training tool to help you is a welcoming thought. Arbitrage Sugardaddy is one of the many products that are being sold in the market that promises you to earn from a graphic design business using its product tools for training and courses. However, considering the many unscrupulous products out there you perhaps one of those wondering is Arbitrage Sugardaddy a scam? Before you spend money for this product read this review to help you make an educated decision before signing up.

Is Arbitrage Sugardaddy a scam?

The Arbitrage Sugardaddy is the product created by Stephen Gilbert which claims that it is designed to teach you how to perform better and gain more profitable arbitrage that will help you grow the number of your clients by strengthening your graphic design business marketing approaches. The product is by subscription where you will be given access to a ready-made business plan for graphic design business, tutorial tools that will help you learn profitable skills within an hour, strategies on earning $214 per day from the skills you will learn from using the tutorials.

In order to determine whether Arbitrage Sugardaddy is a scam we need to understand how the product works. First off you need to know that the process of hiring a third party to complete a job contracted is called arbitrage. Arbitrage Sugerdaddy claims that it will help you to learn the skills on graphic designing so there is no need for you to hire someone else to do the job that you contracted. There are training tools about graphic designing, Facebook and Instagram marketing that can help you earn profitable income. While the Arbitrage Sugardaddy may look like not a scam because you get training tools in exchange of your money, there are good reasons to consider that this might be a scam. Here’s why.

The upsells

As you make a subscription you will encounter getting some upsells offer such as the supped-up version of Sugardaddy worth $67 and the case study bundle report worth $47. You need to get the two upsells in order to qualify for the next training modules consisting of training materials and videos.

The Arbitrage Sugardaddy training videos and materials

Your subscription comes with various training tools and videos which are quite of low standard.

  1. The overview video – this gives a complete overview about the training tool and how to use in order to become successful in your graphic business. You will start picking some ideas on how to become consistent on your efforts to success.
  2. The Canva video – this video runs for only more or less 6 minutes and all it talks about is visiting the Canva official website where you can access some helpful video tutorials and how to sign in. Nothing more, nothing less.
  3. Video marketing on Facebook – this video training runs about 3 hours and 24 minutes that mainly teaches you about the concept about Facebook marketing which includes how to post your profile picture. This video does not have any other substance at all. In fairness some links are included from copied sites that you can actually find online yourself. There is no original tutorial tools here.
  4. Flyer and poster designing video – the video runs about 1 minute and 50 seconds with the main message of recommending you to use Canva for making flyers for your clients.
  5. Instagram marketing video – this runs for about 1 minute and 15 seconds and the video talks about how you can double your income by posting photos on Instagram.
  6. Kindle and ebook cover design video – this video is very brief for 50 seconds which introduce the use of Canva for making the cover designs.

There is also a webinar that comes with your subscription that runs about 1 hour and 14 minutes. While this looks appealing the webinar is merely an enticement for you to join the Arbitrage Sugardaddy Success Circle at an expense of $297. The information is also very basic, something you can search online for free.


You are not likely to find big time clients by using the basic and ordinary looking template designs provided in the product. Most of the designs they have can be searched online or in YouTube thus are not really so impressive.


Considering the quality of the product there is a good reason that the answer to the question is Arbitrage Sugardaddy a scam? is yes. While the training videos and tools are in the guise of providing something in exchange of the money of its subscribers to make it look legit, it is best to avoid wasting your money for this product.

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