Is a Scam?

Is a Scam? – It is Really Amazing!

Product Name: Brand Genesis

Owners: Matt Clark

Price : 30 Days Free Then $39 monthly

Website: (affiliate link)

Rating: 95/100


Is a Scam?

Before we get started on review. The founder Matt launches a program earlier calling it Amazing Selling Machine which I find it too expensive for any average folks to give it try. Now it is a new beginning and they change the whole approach that I please to see and they really like to help anyone to get a business started online.

Are you wondering is a scam? I have given it a fair shot and try it out for free. I like to say it is really amazing! You are given 30 days free trial period to learn as much as you can. They have many different internet marketing course for you to learn.

Click Here to Get 30 Days Brand Genesis for Free

What is it?

It is a great course to learn about Private Label Amazon FBA Private Label from scratch. It is called Brand Genesis. The course suitable for anyone who is interested to sell products on Amazon FBA even you are not living in the United States.


Is a Scam?

Brand Genesis is focused on Private Labeling. It is a step by step video lesson. Where you can follow along and take notes. Each video takes about 20min to 30min.

  1. Picking a Product and Contact Supplier
  2. Creating a Brand Name
  3. Ordering Samples & Establish a Brand
  4. Facebook Ad Campaigns
  5. Evaluating Samples
  6. Communication with Supplier
  7. First Inventory Order
  8. Lead Capture System
  9. Keywords Research
  10. Sales Copy & Brand Voice
  11. Amazon Listing Bullets & Description
  12. Creating a Product Launch List
  13. First Products Goes Live on Amazon
  14. Autoresponder Email & Amazon Sponsor Ads
  15. Amazon Sponsor Ads Strategy
  16. Amazon Marketing Services
  17. Gathering Reviews With AMZ Tracker
  18. Ads Check Up & Inventory Inspection
  19. Domain Negotiation & Trademark Application
  20. Feedback Genius Fix & Aweber Promotion
  21. Promotion Check-in & Photography
  22. Domain Purchase & Hello Profit Tools
  23. Out of Stock & Lighting Deals
  24. The Finale!

It consists of total 24 video lesson to follow along. Which can cost you a bomb to learn from some guru outside. You get to all these for free in 30 days.

What More About

Is a Scam?

This is a very surprise part which it is a bonus for anyone looking for extra learning curve for internet marketing. It covers various part of training material, resources, knowledge for your online business.

Is a Scam?

It does not just cover Amazon FBA Private Label. Its wide range of learning web designing of WordPress, Facebook, Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and lot more. It one fit for all programs.

Click Here to Get 30 Days Brand Genesis for Free


  • Free trial for 30 days
  • In depth training for Amazon FBA Private Label
  • Access to all other internet marketing training
  • Easy to follow step by step video training



I find this course is almost perfect, but just find they should have written training material for those who love to read. Just imagine a person who is deaf might want to learn the course. If there is a material that is for reading will be a plus.

Video training is great but you need to replay back if you forget some parts.


I find their support come from a Community section. It is like a forum, new comer will introduce themselves and get to know more people. You can get to know the anyone by directly message the person and add him or her to your member list.

Is a Scam?

It seems like a great community where anyone can ask a question and help come along the way.

Lots of topic and question on Amazon FBA which you can find some great tips for your online business. Brand Genesis is for whom?

It is perfect for beginners who like to start selling on Amazon FBA as a Private Label seller. It is suitable for people living outside of the United States, which a lot of people doing. Including myself who living in Singapore.

It is also great for season sellers looking ways to improve their products listing on Amazon.

Lastly, it for people looking to learn other parts of internet marketing and online business knowledge which cover in this program.


Is a Scam? No, this is one of the best Amazon FBA Private Label course I come across and glad I found it. It is a real eye opener to find Brand Genesis is the perfect brand creation for your next killer product in Amazon. I certainly recommend anyone who interested to get started and make full use of the 30 days free trial. Click Here

Click Here to Get 30 Days Brand Genesis for Free


10 thoughts on “Is a Scam? – It is Really Amazing!”

  1. The main thing that took my attention here was the 30 days free trial – I mean, I bet you can learn a lot in that time alone? (without paying a thing!).
    It’s also great to see that the support network is more or less a social setup – it’s always good to get 24 hour help when you need it with something new. Very interesting product…

    1. Hi, thanks for dropping by. I suprise to see how much quailty of the training inside the membership. Learn a lot of important factor of FBA business with the free membership. It worth a shot.

  2. Hello Cena,

    When I look the guide where there is 24 chapters, it seems quite comprehensive. Such lengthy content can tell that a course is genuine and not a scam. Some of the contents are familiar because they are also available at Wealthy Affiliate. The others are different because they involve logistics and shipment like lighting deals and first inventory order. One owns a product should get this course to strive one’s business.

    1. Hi, thanks for dropping by. This is a business that need to invest with a slightly budget. So is good to know what is expecting the pro and con of the business model. Amazing come in handy for this time round.

  3. Hi, I recently signed up to and am enjoying working through the brand genesis videos. The community section seems empty to me, are you still an active member and is it the same for you?

  4. Matt Clark and owe me over $42,000 for copywriting services and refuse to pay. I don’t understand how companies like this can exist. I hope you all do your diligence before trusting a company like this.

    1. Hi there, sorry to hear something so bad happen to you. What I did here is that I gone through the course provided by have lot of value.
      I do hope you able to get back the sum of money that Matt Clark owe you.

    2. UPDATE: paid me less than originally agreed…but at least paid something.
      I’m unable to delete/edit the original post, so if an admin sees this…please update original post.

  5. Signed up and provided information to Matt Clark ( for his business partner opportunity. Was then sent a further questionnaire that was completed with personal information (including income and sales volume). Then heard absolutely nothing. The website link where updates are provided hasn’t been updated for over 2 months.
    I thought this company was legit until I started doing my research. Beware, I would stay completely away from these guys. Makes me think they just want to steal people’s ideas. Very shady.

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