Is 50k A Week A Scam

Is 50k A Week A Scam



OWNER NAME: Josh Harris


RATING:  0/10


Binary trading offers an opportunity to have some extra income by leveraging on trading to gain accumulated profits and investment returns. While the process of trading involves fluctuation of prices in the global market, the potential of gaining profits is good if you know how to trade well and you have a good understanding how binary trading works. But for some, having binary trading software to assist them in trading decisions is a big welcome. That is why there are many proliferating binary trading bots that are being marketed today. One of these is the 50k A Week which is trading software that claims to help you gain a fortune from binary trading by simply using its system. As a prudent person you should first ask, is 50K a Week a scam? Let’s find out.


50k A Week A Scam Review


50K A Week is binary trading software that is being market as an automated system that will help you earn as much as 50K a week from trading. It is created by Josh Harris who claims to have come from a poor family and later on became a successful businessman after discovering the magic system for trading that will help you trade better for more profits. Harris describes the 50K A Week as magician software. Historically, he claims that it was conceptualized from a prior small startup company called GeniusTech and continued to work further in order to discover the best way of understanding the genius algorithm for trading. Apparently, he works with other geniuses who are now millionaires like him after years of struggling to live a good life and until they discovered the 50K a Week system. With much investigation, it appears that GeniusTech is non-existent and there are no proofs to show how the system used for 50K a Week works.


The software is being promoted as an effective binary trading system with about 99.9% accuracy. This claim is obviously a hyperbole since there are risks involved considering that the trading process is very fluid and prices can change quickly in seconds. There is no such a perfectly accurate system that can predict the flow of trading prices at a spun of time. Binary trading is different from other forms of trading since traders have a very short and limited time and liquidity involved on their investment. 50K A Week software claims that it can analyze all market price movements and has a highly accurate algorithm that can predict when is the best time to trade. Any person who understands how the trading market works will not be easily fooled by this claim.




There are no beneficial returns that can be expected from 50K a Week software. There are more risks than benefits that can be gleaned from using the system.




There are so many gray areas on the 50K a Week. There is no first hand information how the magical algorithm used by the system works except from its claim on 99.9% accuracy. How you can trust something without understanding the science and logic behind it? Moreover, there are also proofs of fake testimonials about the system which are obviously made by paid actors. Even Josh Harris himself appears to be a fake persona. By looking into its website information it appears that it was just created in 2016 but the site claims that it has been around since 2012. Why the misleading information?


Is 50k A Week A Scam


Who is 50k A Week For?


50K a Week is not for anybody, except for people who simply want to lose money and get scammed.


50k A Week Tools & Training


Obviously there are no tools and trainings available from the software. It claims to work as an automated software so there is nothing much you can do once you start using it. This also means you have no control where you money goes after trading it.


50k A Week Support


I doubt if there is a reliable support available for the software. Its sales page only appears as a squeeze page without much information and helpful guide about using the system except for the enticing ads on becoming wealthy from using it.


My Final Opinion of 50k A Week


Obviously, I don’t recommend 50K A Week software. If you ask me is 50K A Week a scam? I am inclined to answer yes. There are too many doubtful claims arising from its sales ad in addition to the red flags of giving misinformation to the public. You are betting on a coin flip when you use the system without knowing where your money goes after trading. There are better trading software out there that can provide you a good fighting chance to trade with good potential profits because it can provide you more information on how their system works with truthful claims of their products.


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