Is Home Income System a Scam? – Post Ad Links & Earn $400/Day?

Is Home Income System a Scam? – Post Ad Links And Earn $400/Day?

Welcome to my Home Income System Review!

I am glad you are here doing your own research about get-rich-quick programs. There are a lot of rip-off products nowadays that offer the same easy money promises.

And Home Income System is, unfortunately, one of the programs that promises you easy money.

The system promises to make you earn easy money through Affiliate Marketing but I don’t think it’s working that way.

Is Home Income a Scam? Or is it a legit system that will really make $400 per day easy money for you?

Let’s uncover the good, the bad, and the ugly truths about Home Income System in this review.

But before that, why don’t you stop wasting your time on scams and start a legit online business with my no. 1 recommended product? No unrealistic promises, no “get-rich-quick” scheme, just purely affiliate marketing at work.

Home Income System Review Summary

Home Income System Logo

Name: Home Income System


Owner: “Jason”

Type: Affiliate Marketing System

Price: $97 $47 + Upsells

Refund Policy: 60 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Legit/Scam: Scam

Summary: Home Income System is another work-from-home opportunity that claims to make you $400 every day starting from the moment you signup and use their “unique” system. The system is said to be an affiliate marketing platform created for people to do ad link posting from different companies. However, there are many red flags that I have found inside this system that made them fall into the rip-off products category.

Product Score
Total 1%

Recommended: No

What Is Home Income System?

What Is Home Income System?

Home Income System is another Clickbank product that is created by a guy named Jason. However, this guy’s real identity and full name is unknown, which makes me wonder what he’s really up to.

The system is said to be an affiliate marketing platform that allows you to earn $400 immediately after you sign-up and join.

But if you look for more information about the system from their sales page, you won’t get much. Nothing there mentions about how the system works or what the Home Income System really is about.

On their website, you will only be watching a video that mentions repetitive statements about the system generating thousands of dollars for you in just a short period of time. The guy in the video also mentions that you only need to spend a little time with their system to earn an income that might even exceed your full-time salary.

But how will Home Income System really make you hundreds of dollars every day?

Let’s dig deeper below.

How Does It Work?

How Does Home Income System Works?

If you took the time to watch the introductory video, you will notice that the signup form suddenly pops out below when you reach the end part.

The guy repeatedly mentions that he will show you the form if you reach the end part. And, he’ll tell you he needs you to really fill-up the form or miss the big chance of earning huge income.

And then if you do, he said he will totally explain to you on the next free video what the Home Income System is really about and how it works.

So I did sign-up and watched another video where a guy named Kevin explains how Home Income System works.

These are the information that I’ve got:

  1. You need to sign up for their “unique” system
  2. Follow a step-by-step training
  3. After successful training and registration, you will have to choose a company to work with and start posting links
  4. The system will help you make $400 a day or more without selling anything but only by posting ad links
  5. The more links you post, the more money you will make
  6. You can become their affiliate and earn more money

So Home Income System is basically an affiliate marketing system that makes you earn money by posting links.

However, posting ad links is not that simple. Affiliate marketing generally involves link posting but it is not just about copy-pasting some links. You definitely need to build a good website and use all other necessary tools for you to successfully earn. Affiliate marketing requires proper training, knowledge and hard work, not just simply copy-pasting some links.

How to Earn in Home Income System

You will be overwhelmed with a lot of income claims from all over the Home Income System website. From $400 a day, to thousand dollars a week, and even a 6-figured income in just one year: you are repeatedly promised a huge amount of income all over the place.

However, nothing was mentioned about how you will really earn through their system.

You are only left with some information about posting ad links from companies you choose to work with and earning a commission by becoming their affiliate.

Even the training they offer is not about how you can earn money, but only about how you will use their system. All they offer is a done-for-you system that requires no work from you.

Cost and Upsells

Initially, you will be asked to purchase the system at $97. And because I did not get any relevant information about what I’m actually paying for, I decided to close the window.

But, a pop-up suddenly appeared before I could even close the tab.

It says that they really want you to grab this limited chance to make money from home so they will be giving you a $20 discount. I was curious whether they’d reduce the initial price so I clicked on the “Stay On Page” button.

True enough, from $97, the price went down to $77.

Friends and Family Discount 20$
Is Home Income System a Scam? – Post Ad Links & Earn $400/Day? - Discounted Price

I tried to exit the window again but another pop-up showed up again. At that moment I thought they are really desperate to get your money.

This time, the pop-up again tells me that I qualified for another “Friends and Family Discount” which is now worth $50.

Again, I stayed on page and checked the price.

To my surprise, they did lower down again their initial price of $97 to another $47.

Friends and Family Discount $50

From this scenario, I guess they will try to stop you again and again from leaving the site just to finally get your money.

Of course I did not bite the bait. I don’t even know what I’m paying for. They would even get your credit card details upon purchase and that is a total red flag for me.

Even though they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee, you still need to pay first before getting a peek on their “income-generating system”.

Home Income System Ugly Truths Revealed!

Now let me tell you the red flags of the Home Income System:

1. No Real Information About the Owner

Aside from “Jason” and “Kevin”, you will know nothing else on their website. Even their names are just made up and are not real. A legitimate product should always have detailed information about the owner and its team.

2. Overhyped Income Claims

Is Home Income System a Scam? – Post Ad Links & Earn $400/Day? - Income Claims

Yes, I tell you they are overhyped and unreal. There is no easy money when it comes to affiliate marketing. You should always watch out for easy money and get rich quick claims. Most of them turn out to be a big scam.

3. Black Hat Link Posting/SEO

Black Hat Link Posting Technique

Copy-pasting links everywhere on a site without giving importance to quality content, keywords and clean links are a total red flag on search engines. You will never earn anything using the Home Income System strategy.

4. False Testimonials From Paid Actors

Like any other rip-off systems, Home Income System uses paid actors to give false testimonials. This alone is a big con scheme.

Who Is Home Income System Best Fit For?

In my opinion, no one deserves to be tricked by this program. So I’d say that Home Income System is best fit for no one. Or can I just say it is best fit only for its owner? Yeah I’d rather say that.

Affiliate Marketing is a legit business to make money with. It’s actually where I take part in and make money from. If you wanted to start a legit online business, you can check out how I made it to where I am now; earning a passive income and skipping the usual 9-5 jobs.

What I Like About Home Income System

You all know that I always give unbiased reviews, and that those that deserved credit should be acknowledged.

However, as much as I tried to like something here, there is really nothing that made me like the Home Income System aside from Clickbank’s 60-day money back guarantee.

Other than that, nothing about this system is true and favorable. You will get an all-out dishonesty everywhere. Even their income-generation process is illegal and definitely won’t get you a thousand dollars per week.

What I Don’t Like

Now, there are many things that I totally do not like about Home Income System, and these are as follows:

  1. No real information about the owner’s identity or background. All you get is an AI speaking to you using the name “Kevin” or “Jason”.
  2. Fake testimonials from paid actors or made-up identities.
  3. No detailed information about what the system is, what you really have to do to earn, and how Home Income System works.
  4. Unrealistic claims of huge amount of income.
  5. Everything is done for you.
  6. Many promises of easy money. If you are totally serious in making money online, you should not fall for easy money promises. Real success requires hard work.
  7. No selling required, just pure link posting.
  8. They need to have access to your credit card details.
  9. And more false and desperate techniques just to get your money.

Is Home Income System a Scam?

With everything that I have witnessed about this program, I can really say that in my opinion, Home Income System is a scam.

Everything about the system are pure overhyped claims, fake promises and deceitful strategies.

I really don’t like naming programs as scam, but I really need to warn you about them. And scams are everywhere nowadays. They are not even afraid to trick you just to get your money, so in the same way, I won’t be afraid to name a program as scam if it’s necessary.

Tired of scams? Check out my top recommended product now and start building your online business for free.

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