Home Income Millionaire Review – Another Get-Rich-Quick Scam Exposed

Home Income Millionaire Review – Another Get-Rich-Quick Scam Exposed

Welcome to my Home Income Millionaire Review!

If you haven’t notice, the name Home Income Millionaire tells you everything about their “goals” for you all at once. Become a millionaire by making money online? That’s what Home Income Millionaire promises you.

Well, if I were to become a millionaire by using this system, then that’s awesome!

However, becoming a millionaire with Home Income Millionaire within just one year is just too good to be true. And even right after watching their sales video, they tell you that you will easily earn $1000.

How will they do that? Is it really possible to earn that easily with Home Income Millionaire?

How does it work? Will Home Income Millionaire really make you one of their millionaires or is it just another get-rich quick scam?

Today, I will show you the good, the bad, and the ugly truth about Home Income Millionaire so brace yourselves!

But before that, why don’t you stop wasting your time on scams and start a legit online business with my no. 1 recommended product? No unrealistic promises, no “get-rich-quick” scheme, just purely affiliate marketing at work.

Home Income Millionaire Review Summary

Home Income Millionaire Review Summary

Name: Home Income Millionaire

Website: https://homeincomemillionaire.com/

Owner: Marc Jennings

Type: Affiliate Marketing System

Price: $97 + Upsells

Scam/Legit: Scam

Summary: Home Income Millionaire is presented as a complete done for you system that will make you a millionaire in just a short period of time. The creator named Mark tells you that his team of millionaires will take care of everything for you and help you become a millionaire like them, too. That’s sweet. However, there is really something wrong with their pitches. Becoming a millionaire without doing anything is too unrealistic and impossible, especially with a system like this. Moreover, there are too many red flags that I have found inside Home Income Millionaire. Hence, you should avoid this scam.

Product Score
Total 1%

Recommended: No

What Is Home Income Millionaire?

What Is Home Income Millionaire?

When you visit their sales page, you will be welcomed with a sales video that tells you some things about Home Income Millionaire. The system’s creator calls himself as Marc Jennings, who in the video is the voice that you will be hearing. There, he mentions some information on what Home Income System is.

First is that when you join Home Income Millionaire, you are getting a once-in a lifetime opportunity to also become a millionaire like himself.

Second is that you will become rich in just a short period of time. Even after just watching the video, you will already earn your first $1000! Wow, that’s pretty fast for a first time.

Third, Marc emphasizes that you won’t have to do anything but watch your account grow because his team of millionaires will take care of everything for you.

And lastly, Home Income Millionaire will help you become one of the 1% seven-figure earners within just one year.

Now, with all these things that he tells you I believe you will really be excited about it. Also, Marc’s pitches are backed up by images of billion dollar houses, cars, and dream vacation places that will make you itch for his income promises.

I tell you today, do not bite the bait too fast. Marc hasn’t really mentioned any real information about what Home Income Millionaire really is about.

You will only be filled with promises of easy and huge money, testimonials from his “students” and a lot of unproven statement of accounts.

So let’s just say Home Income Millionaire will generate you huge income in a short period of time. Then, how does it work for you to achieve that? Let’s dig deeper.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

Marc mentions little information about how Home Income Millionaire works to give you $1000, $3000, to $5000 income per day.

So he mentioned that Home Income Millionaire works with a half a billion dollar per year company who pays huge checks to its members every day.

Therefore this company is also the one who will pay you $1000 to $5000 commissions for every product that you are able to sell. All you have to do is to find people that wants the products of this half a billion dollar per year company and introduce these people to Marc’s team.

When you are able to successfully introduce prospects, the team of millionaires that Marc has will then be the one to close the sales for you.

Wait a minute. This process sounds very similar with a recent product that I have reviewed called Big Profit System, and it is a scam product. So does that mean Home Income Millionaire is a scam, too? Let’s see as we go on.

Moreover, when you buy into Home Income Millionaire, you will realize that the system is operating more closely like a pyramid scheme rather than affiliate marketing. Here are the reasons why:

  1. The only time you will earn is when you recruit other people to buy the same system you have bought.
  2. And the only product that you are able to sell is the same Home Income Millionaire system that you are in. Nothing more.

To tell you in detail, the first thing that you will have to do in order for you to earn is to find other people who would want to buy Home Income Millionaire just like you did. And these people will have to go through the same sales video you watched, pay the fee to enter the system, then find other people to recruit just to earn.

You will get a 50% commission for you successful recruits and the person who recruited you will get an 11% commission as well. How’s that for affiliate marketing?

I tell you, that’s not even close to a legit affiliate marketing business. Even just with this information, I think it will make you realize that what you will be getting is a total scam.

Price and Upsells

Price and Upsells

In his promotional video, Marc tells you that the price to access Home Income Millionaire is $497. But, in order to “help” you, you will only pay the $97 and he will pay the remaining $400 just to give you a discount.

You may feel happy to hear that. However, pyramid schemes like this offer more cost than you could ever imagine.

And sadly, when you think you’ve got everything with $97, you’re wrong. The only thing that you will get with that price is the entrance to the system. If you want to earn money, you have no other choice but to buy their upsells.

The refund policy, on the other hand, is 30 days.

Who Is Home Income Millionaire Best Fit For?

Nobody deserves to be scammed, right? Also, I have already laid out all the truth that you need to know about this product. So I think you already have an idea about the existence of the Home Income Millionaire pyramid scheme.

Therefore, with that being said, Home Income Millionaire is best for no one but Marc Jennings and his team of “millionaires”.

There are more ways to earn good cash online especially with Affiliate Marketing, and in my opinion, Home Income Millionaire is not one of them.

If you want to learn how to build your own online business, then you can check out my top recommended product. This product has taught me legit ways to make money online and enabled me to earn more than I could ever ask for.

What I Like About Home Income Millionaire

Sadly, there is nothing about Home Income Millionaire that I like. Aside from promising you of becoming a millionaire in just one year, I absolutely do not like their dishonesty and desperate move to get your money. So yeah, I hope you can avoid this system totally.

What I Don’t Like

Now, there are many things that I do not like about Home Income Millionaire:

1. Get Rich Quick

Get Rich Quick

Becoming a millionaire in just 1 year is completely a get-rich-quick promise and I don’t like it. All of the other programs/systems that claimed the same are found out to be scams, and so will Home Income Millionaire be.

2. False Scarcity

2. False Scarcity

I have noticed that on their sales page, there are words that say “Hurry! The Final 11 Spots Remain – Apply Below”. And then suddenly the 11 spots become 8. But if you refresh the page, the spots come back to 11 again. So, yep, the scarcity tactic is false.

3. Paid Actors

On their sales video, there are people giving testimonies about how Home Income Millionaire has made them rich. But then again, just like any other scam products, they hired paid actors to play as real users or students just to hook you.

4. Pyramid Scheme In Disguise

They claim to operate in affiliate marketing, where in reality, they are a pyramid scheme. They are dishonest with their agenda and I don’t like that about them.

5. No Income Generating System

They guarantee you that you will make money with their system but actually, there is no system involved here. And earning money is just through recruiting, so that is a total turn off.

Is Home Income System A Scam?

In my opinion, yes, Home Income System is a scam. Therefore, this system should totally be avoided or else you will be a victim of their agenda and lose more money.

Tired of scams? Check out my top recommended product now and start building your online business for free.

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