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Hello There

My name is Cena and I am the co-founder of Internet Scams Report.

I have been in the internet marketing scene since 2010 and experienced many good and bad relationship with internet marketers. It has been a wild ride with many ups and downs.

My main purpose for getting into internet marketing is to make some passive income and it was not as easy as you might think. It takes a lot of time and I have learn fast to get started. That’s when I rope in one of my friend, RIzal who is also the co-founder of Internet Scams Report. With him onboard, we are able to work together and start on our internet marketing journey. 

Learning Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a generally selling another peoples product and earning commission from it. So, you just need to market a certain product and if someone buys from you, you will get a commision from the seller. It is a simple process but you do not need to following to get started.

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