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Introducing our #1 Recommend Affiliate Program.  Webedesk is a digital marketing company which provides effective and affordable to customers. Read the full Webedesk Review

Their service including search engine optimization, content marketing and social media engagement. They have offices in India, Sydney and London, with more than 100 digital marketing professionals standing by to clients’ needs.

Webedesk Affiliate Program

High Commissions : Up to 50% commission from the purchase referred through your affiliate link and for life time. Its a best affiliate program for DM products. An average of $140 commission per sale!

Indirect 2 Tier Commission: 10% commission from the purchase referred by your sub-affiliates. Refer sub-affiliates once and enjoy commission flow for life time.

If you refer a single client who purchased half year SEO plan which you can earn up to $900 worth of commission. Payment is bi-weekly which direct paid through by PayPal.


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